Top Tips For Shopping In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a bit of a shopper’s paradise. Not only are we duty free, our local tax, IGIC, is only 7%. We thought we’d share some tops tips for shopping on the island:

Check Outside The Resorts

You’ll find bargains in the resort shops, but for a bigger selection, and keener prices, call into the Deiland Shopping Centre in Playa Honda, or Calle Leon y Castillo in Arrecife, as well as the Open Mall Shopping centre in the capital. Hire a car to bring your booty back! In terms of the in-resort shops, Fund Grube has a good reputation.

Be Here When The Sales Are On

We have two key sale times on the island – the first starts on January 7th, the day after Christmas here, and the second starts in July and runs through to the end of August. For the best selection of sale items, visit at the start of the sales, and for the best prices, towards the end.

Pay In Local Currency

When you use your cards, the machine will often ask if you want to pay in your home currency or local currency. Always choose to pay in Euros, the local currency. This is because when you choose your home currency, the exchange rate is seldom as good, and there may be a commission paid to the vendor.

Check Prices Online

Is it really a bargain? It’s so easy to check – just search online and look at the prices for whatever you’re about to buy.

Too Good To Be True? Move On

You might see some offers that just look too good to be true, usually from the little electrical shops in resort. Just avoid them. It could be a fake or poor quality.

If you want to buy expensive electronic items like tablets or cameras, you’re much better off heading to Visanta, Worten or Electron in Arrecife.

The Airport Duty Free Is Expensive

The airport duty free shop here is more expensive than the local shops on island that sell booze, tobacco products and perfumes.

Remember You’re Limited On Duty Free Items

Because the island is duty free, you are limited on the amount you can take into your home country – you can buy as much as you like here, but here’s what you can take home: Duty free allowances.

Hit the markets

Lanzarote has several excellent markets, ranging from the vast Sunday market at Teguise to the craft and foodie market in Haria, with lots in between. But remember to keep your wits about you – those Rolexes aren’t real! Markets in Lanzarote.

Buy Local Stuff

Lanzarote doesn’t really have a manufacturing industry, but we’re quite arty and crafty, so look out for locally made pottery, sculptures and paintings. There’s also a great jewellery tradition on the islands, often using local semi-precious olivine.

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