Lanzarote en cifras

Lanzarote In Numbers

The Cabildo produces an excellent document at regular intervals, called “Lanzarote en cifras,” which translates to “Lanzarote in figures,” but I prefer to use the more user friendly translation of Lanzarote in numbers.

Lanzarote in numbers 2023

As always, there’s a link below where you can download the whole thing, but I love to pick out the key bits for a summary here:


  • The island’s population has grown to 159,021
  • When you add in the tourists per day, the total population is 208,864
  • Arrecife (64,826) is the most populous municipality
  • Haria (5507) is the least


  • The average temperature was 22.7 degrees
  • We had 32 days with rain during the year
  • The total rainfall was 38.7 mm.


  • There are 5,029 companies registered on the island
  • 4301 of those, 85%, are in the service sector
  • 7923 people are unemployed, the lowest figure since 2007


  • Just under 3.2 million tourists visited Lanzarote during the year
  • 48% were from UK, 11% from Ireland and 10% from Spain
  • They stayed an average of 7.9 nights

Here’s where you can download and read the whole document, in both Spanish and English: Lanzarote en cifras.

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