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Why You Should Book Your Next Lanzarote Holiday With Us

We thought it was a good time to reiterate why you should be booking your holidays to Lanzarote with us:

When you book through us you are protected!

Your holiday booked with us is ATOL protected and we are members of ABTA. In recent years many people have been caught out by companies like Low Cost Beds and Monarch going bust. Don’t fall into that trap and make sure your next holiday is ATOL protected.

Long story short, if you book with us, and if anything happened to us, or the tour operator, your booking is safe!

We can probably offer you the best deal

There are so many misconceptions out there about getting the best price. Some people are convinced that using the big website operations like bookingdotcom or Travel republic will get you the best deal. Others suggest booking direct with the hotel is best. In almost every case, neither is the best option for pricing.

Only a travel agent, with access to every deal, with all of the various bed providers, can genuinely get you the best price for your accommodation on your dates. You can’t “systemise” that, either, you have to have a person looking at the specific offer on the day, and that’s exactly what we do.

Dealing direct with the accommodation is often more expensive than with an agent, because the hotels rely on agency business, so they will rarely undercut the people providing their sales.

We are also a small company – in fact, apart from a couple of writers who work with us, everything here is done by Julie and I. We don’t have the overhead of a high street agency, or dozens of staff. That means we don’t need to make a big margin on holiday sales. We’re content to make bookings for our readers, get them the best deal, and make a small commission for ourselves.

We’ve had dozens of examples over the years where we have saved people a load of money. The most recent was a client who had always booked through bookingdotcom. He was about to make two bookings to his usual hotel here in Lanzarote, when he called us to see what we could do. We saved him €385!

We know Lanzarote better than anybody else

We are based in Lanzarote, and have been for more than 20 years. We know the island inside out, we know the hotels we recommend and we eat their food,  and we know what’s happening here – you probably read our stuff every day! That means we can really add value to your booking, perhaps suggesting a better alternative for your needs, or recommending a different date so you are here for a special fiesta or event, and we can also give you a tailored list of suggestions to make sure you get the best out of your Lanzarote holiday.

The people we book feed back to us all the time as well, and we incorporate that into our recommendations as we learn which side of a hotel has the quieter rooms, which floor you need to be on the get the best view, which sitting is the best for food, or what time is happy cocktail hour!

We are real people and we speak English!

You can’t call one of the big websites and ask them for advice or an option on somewhere you are thinking of booking. Calling the hotel may help answer your questions, but you’ll often be speaking to someone who doesn’t understand English as clearly as you might hope.

Have you ever tried Facebook messaging a big travel website? Or emailing them? We’re on Facebook every day, and we respond to every single message or email we receive.

We’re here, every day, and you can call us free of charge anytime from the UK or Ireland, or on our local number on island.

We’re here in Lanzarote if you need help or advice

If anything goes wrong, or you just need some advice, if you have an accident, or you want some ideas for things to do, we’re here, in Lanzarote. You can contact us and we’ll do our best to look after you. Nobody else can offer than kind of peace of mind in a holiday resort – local people on hand if you need anything.

Can we give you a price?

So, can we give you a price for your next trip to Lanzarote? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If we can save you money, or suggest a much better alternative, that’s great news for you, and if we can’t, then at least you’ll know you’re making a sound decision.

If you’ve already found your perfect holiday, pause for a moment, get in touch with Julie and let her price-check it for you!

There’s no obligation to book through us if we give you a price, but you might be pleasantly surprised at what we can do, and above all you will know your booking will be safe, and we are on hand to guide you or help you out if you need us.

Here’s how to get in touch:

You can put your details on this form, and we’ll get to work for you:  Lanzarote travel enquiry

Or you can call us free from UK on 0800 810 8404.