There’s a way to save money on Jet 2 holidays!

One of the best things about Jet 2 Holiday packages is that they include everything – hand luggage, a suitcase for every person travelling, and even transfers to and from the airport.

But what if you don’t need all of that? Perhaps you’ve decided to hire a car and don’t need your transfer.

If you book online with Jet 2, you don’t get to choose – you simply can’t delete transfers.

But as a Jet 2 booking centre, we can! Book your next Jet 2 holiday with us, and we can cancel your transfers and take the value of them off the price of your holiday. You get the holiday you want, with the extras you want (or don’t!) and save the money!

There’s More

We also add value to your Jet 2 package beyond just taking things off:

  • We make booking easy and do all the work for you
  • We add our personal knowledge and experience to your booking, suggesting the right hotels for you, based on the fact that we have lived and worked in Lanzarote for nearly 20 years
  • We liaise with the hotels locally to try to ensure our clients get their room preferences
  • You can use your Jet 2 rain voucher or other discount codes you have when making a booking with us
  • We do your Advanced Passenger Information and check you in for your flights
  • We’ll arrange any airport assistance (at either end) you need
  • We can send your travel documents by post or email as preferred
  • We’re on hand, on the island if you need any help or advice when you are here in Lanzarote
  • We’ll compile information, specifically for you, about what to do and where to go when you get here, and we’ll even recommend the best places to eat out
  • We’ll make sure your hotel knows about any special celebrations that are part of your visit

In short, the best way by far to book your Jet 2 holiday to Lanzarote is with Lanzarote Information. We can save you money on Jet 2 holidays.

Either call us free on 0800 810 8404 or complete this form, and we’ll get to work for you: Travel Enquiry.