Eight Ways To Save Some Money In Lanzarote

Looking for ways to save money while on holiday in Lanzarote? Here are 8 tips to do just that.

Food shop like a local

That means avoiding the small supermarkets in the resorts, and going for the larger ones out of town. It also means taking advantage of the excellent local markets for fresh fruit and veg, and maybe even buying some fish from a cofradia. Read our article on food shopping like a local.

Buy your duty free in the resort

Don’t buy it at the airport, or on the aircraft heading home, It’s much cheaper in the resort shops. Here are your duty free allowances for Lanzarote.

Have a menu del dia for lunch

Most restaurants out of resort here offer a 3 course lunch at a bargain price. You’ll get a hearty 3 course meal with beer or wine for around €10 to €15.

Hire a car

It might sound odd, but by the time you’ve paid for transfers and a couple of excursions, it’s often cheaper to hire a car here. And if you have one, it means you can shop where the locals shop! . Find out more about car hire in Lanzarote here.

Don’t eat the bread!

Loads of restaurants will place bread on the table at the start of the meal, often with mojo sauce. If you’re really hungry, tuck in, but don’t be surprised if there’s a small charge on your bill. Don’t eat it, and you can ask for it to be taken off the bill, and save money.

Use a multi currency card

Revolut and Transferwise both offer multi currency cards, and even when using your own currency, they make the transfers between different currencies at mid bank rate – much better than your bank will give you. We use Transferwise.

Select “Local currency” when paying by card

Confused when the card reader asks you which currency to pay in? Always select the local currency (in our case Euro) to get a better deal. That’s because when you select “GBP,” the retailer also makes a mark up on the transaction.

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