Club Lanza Info

Club Lanza Info is the club for Lanzarote Lovers, which opened on 1st September 2019, offering more information, regular meet ups, discounts and much more.

Club Lanza Info

Who is it for?

Club Lanza Info is aimed at Lanzarote Lovers – you come here at least once a year, some of you several times a year, and many of you have been coming here for years.

You want more information than the average visitor. You’ve probably “done” the usual excursions and visited many parts of the island already, and you’re looking for new places to visit, and new experiences to enjoy.

You’d like that information to be much more in-depth than you can get by scanning the web or reading guide books.

You want to connect with other, like minded people on the island, to share their experiences and ideas.

You’d also like to spend time with the Lanzarote Information team – we’ve lived on the island for 21 years, and we know it better than most. We love sharing our deep knowledge of the history and magic of Lanzarote.

You enjoy exploring the fantastic cuisine of the island, trying new tapas dishes and some of the amazing wine produced here.

In short, you want to experience more of what the island offers than most people!

What do you get?

1/ A dedicated, password protected website which only members can see, with detailed articles, hidden gems, videos and opinion pieces written by the team.

2/ Monthly webinars, open only to members, where we update you on what’s been happening on the island, what’s coming up in the club, and also where you can interact and ask questions.

3/ Quarterly get togethers with members on the island and the Lanzarote Information team – stuff like a tapas crawl in Arrecife, a walk in the hills, a day on a cracking beach, a tour with tasting in the wine region. We also have a Christmas party every year.

This is one of the foundation stones of the Club. We’ve walked through Arrecife, with a commentary on the history of the city, attended The Russian Ballet performance here, walked among the wildflowers in Haria and had a tapas and drinks tour of Charco San Ginés.

5/ Discounts or special offers from our advertisers, on car hire, and many other things.

6/ A weekly newsletter. Going since 2008, with never a week missed, we send out our newsletter to subscribers every Friday morning. Club members get a free subscription as part of their membership.

7/ A closed Facebook group. Our Facebook group is for members only and is a wonderful place to interact.

Here’s a gallery of some of things we’ve done as Club Members over the last few years. Click any image to open the gallery.

Why does Club Lanza Info exist?

We set up Lanzarote Information in 2008. For the first few years, while our audience was small, we had a personal relationship with most of our readers. We were able to respond to all their contacts quickly and personally, and we were often able to meet up with them for drinks, or just so they could pick our brains.

Gradually, that audience has become huge – we now have around 3 million annual readers to the website and we have more than 150,000 followers on social media. It’s become impossible to maintain that “personal touch.”

For the vast majority of readers, that isn’t an issue. They just want some quick information about their upcoming holiday, or to book a hire car or excursion.

But for some of you, it’s different – hence the club.

How much does it cost?

We charge €10 per month but you can get two months free, if you choose, by going for annual membership at €100.

One promise we make is that the price will never increase.

Even when the price goes up in the future, it will always remain the same for you, once you join.

Note that a couple or family will only require one membership of Club Lanza Info for their partner or immediate family to enjoy all the benefits of membership.

It’s not for me….

That’s cool. This isn’t for everyone, and we appreciate and understand that. Rest assured that the main Lanzarote Information website and social channels will always be there, and will always be free to access. The newsletter will always go out to those of you who subscribe to it.

Nothing will change for you, and we hope you continue to enjoy what we offer.

I’m interested….

Fabulous! We’d love to welcome you to the club. Send an email to Mike if you have any questions.

Or you can join now.

Annual – €100 per year

Monthly – €10 per month

If you’re an existing newsletter subscriber, the system will pro rata your payment.