Driving over Lemons

Book Review – Driving over Lemons

If you discount some work with Rough Guides, then Driving over Lemons was Chris Stewart’s first book, and it’s a cracker! Take an author with an interesting background (First drummer for Genesis, itinerant traveller, sheep shearer and one time circus performer) and drop him with his family into a dilapidated farm in Andalucia and you have all…

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Lanzarote Recipe – Paella

As requested by Gwen from Florida, here is the paella recipe that we use in Lanzarote. These quantities are sufficient to serve 10 people (50cm paella pan) so half the ingredients if you are making this at home for the family, typically we make it at the weekends when we have friends over. Ingredients: Olive…

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Desert Watch

Desert Watch – An Important New Project For Lanzarote

Desert Watch is a new charity project being set up by the team behind Lanzarote Eco Insider. The aim of the project is to create a centre to investigate, protect and study the environment in two of Lanzarote’s most unique areas – El Jable and the Chinijo Archipelago. The Jable is the area of the…

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