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Sport In Lanzarote

Sport plays a big part in Lanzarote life, and sports tourism is the fastest growing sector of the island’s most important market.

The biggest contributor is the weather, of course! With guaranteed good weather all year round, there are no concerns about booking a week or two to enjoy outdoor pursuits, and these days the island has some top sports facilities, with state of the art gyms, several Olympic sized outdoor pools, a running track and miles and miles of trails for running and mountain biking. For road cyclists, we have smooth tarmac, low traffic levels, and some really challenging climbs from sea level to over 600 metres.

As well as the thousands of amateurs who come here to enjoy sport, we host many professional athletes and teams who come here to train. Over the last few years we’ve had F1 stars like Alonso, Button and Webber, several top flight rugby teams, pro boxers and of course, most of the world’s top triathletes.

You can enjoy pretty much any sport here – even rare ones like para-gliding, but the most common sports enjoyed by visitors include:

  • Scuba diving
  • Triathlon, and each element – swimming, cycling and running
  • Tennis, racquets and squash
  • Surfing
  • Football, rugby and cricket
  • Beach volleyball
  • Sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing
  • Golf – we have two courses on the island
  • Sports fishing

We also host some well known international sports events on the island – triathlons like Ironman, the half ironman and Ocean Lava, world class sailing races and sports fishing contests, the world windsurfing championships and top calls surfing events at Famara.

Some of the island’s hotels are particularly focused on sports tourists and have amazing facilities, with that field lead by Club La Santa, where you’ll find 3 Olympic pools, a huge gym, a running track and all kinds of amazing equipment. As well as CLS, Sands Beach Resort, Vitalclass, Santa Rosa and the Occidental Lanzarote Mar have great facilities for sports people.

Lanzarote truly is a European Sports Destination. Read more about sport in Lanzarote.

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