Canary Green

Canary Green – A Sustainable Future For The Islands

Canary Green is a non profit organisation, based here in islands, with the aim of “taking small steps to make The Canary Islands more sustainable.”

Canary Green was started by John Beckley, who worked for many years here in Lanzarote, helping local companies understand how to market themselves. His objective is for the organisation to become an agent for change through showcasing the strides we are making here towards a more sustainable future and using education and encouragement to keep us all informed.

A number of companies on the islands are supporting Canary Green as sponsors, they work with media partners like us, and also encourage individual contributions, ranging from simply sharing their stories and ideas, to volunteer work and financial help.

They have a strong, international and multi lingual team who are committed to a better future for The Canaries, and to helping the islands set an example for the rest of the world.

Here at Lanzarote Information, we’ve long been supporters of this type of initiative. With our wonderful resources of wind, sunshine and abundant sea water, we’re perfectly set up to lead the world in using technology to aim to make ourselves the world’s greenest destination, and we’re delighted to support Canary Green in any way we can.

Hydrogen Powered Cars

One of the initiatives the team are working on at the moment is a project with Seafuel to have cars running on hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are already on the market – Toyota and Hyundai produce them.

Filling a fuel cell car up with hydrogen takes the same time as filling a tank with petrol. The fuel cell converts the hydrogen to electricity, powering the electric motor in the car, and the only emission is water! It costs around €2 per hundred km to power a hydrogen fuel cell car.

Over the coming years, we’ll be covering all the news as Canary Green becomes an integral part of the future of The Canaries, and we’ll keep you posted on all their hard work on our behalf.

You can find out more about the organisation, the people behind it, and their various projects here: Canary green. 

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