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Souvenirs To Take Home From Lanzarote

As well as a suntan and happy memories, there are a few souvenirs which you can buy here to take home, enjoy, and to continually remind you of the island.


Lanzarote is duty free, so most people take back a bottle or two of booze as souvenirs at bargain prices. But as well as your usual tipple, consider some of our excellent local wine or Honey Rum (Ron Miel in Spanish.) On the wine front, remember our sweet dessert wines are truly world class, and are just lovely! Here are the duty free allowances in Lanzarote.


The easiest way to take home a taste of Lanzarote is by buying Mojo sauces. Many places sell the small jars in twin packs with red and green mojo, but you can also buy a dried version (better if you are on hand luggage only.) Also look out for local Olive Oil, which is lovely and peppery. If you can manage some fresh stuff, we have locally smoked fish and some excellent goat’s cheeses. Saffron is grown locally on the islands, and is an absolute steal compared to buying it in northern Europe.

Market Tat

There are plenty of excellent stalls at the markets here, offering linens, local craft products and more. But you’ll also find plenty of “market tat” stalls, selling everything from wooden willies to fake designer sunglasses! On those stalls, though, you’ll often find good quality leather goods like belts and bags. And don’t forget to pick up a UD Lanzarote football shirt from Ian!


There’s something about Lanzarote that inspires great art. Some say it’s because of our position of the earth’s ley lines. You can buy some excellent, unusual art work by local artists, or prints from the likes of Manrique and Picasso.

Pottery Souvenirs

In the same vein, we have some very unusual pottery here, ranging from local, “Ground fired” pottery works, often in the shape of Guanche fertility symbols, to interesting products that use sand as a finish. These are fabulous as a souvenirs for yourself or a gift for a friend.

Aloe Products

The island grows Aloe Vera, and it’s renowned as some of the best from anywhere in the world. You’ll find factory shops on the island where the growers are located, but you’ll also see the products on sale in many shops and at the airport. Aloe creams are superb for sunburn, stings or bites, and the juice is excellent for the health of your digestive system.

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