Tourism Figures

Lanzarote Tourism Figures

These Lanzarote Tourism figures are based on 2019, the most recent “normal” year for tourism on the island.

Tourism Figures Overview

Lanzarote, despite it’s small size and a population of only 160,000, receives just over 3 million tourists per year who come here on holiday and a further 500,000 visitors who arrive for the day on cruise ships which dock in Arrecife.

The busiest month for arrivals was March with 299.270, but  August and October are both over 260,000. The spread through the year is pretty even, with even the least busy  month, January, having 222,383 visitors.

There is no “Quiet” or off season in Lanzarote. In terms of tourism figures, it’s a year round destination.

People spend an average of 8.76 nights on the island.

62% of visitors come here on a package holiday, with 38% arranging their own flights and accommodation.

Where our visitors come from

  • 45% are from UK
  • 13.75% are from Germany
  • 9.5% are from Ireland
  • 8.9% are from the mainland of Spain

In terms of evolution in Tourism figures since 2010:

  • The UK market has grown from 807k to 1.4M
  • The German market has grown from 280K to 420K
  • The Irish market has grown from 184K to 291K

In percentage terms the largest growth is the French market, up to 149K from 21k.

What they spend

In terms of on-island spend, the average is €36.17 per day:

  • Visitors from the Spanish mainland spend the most at €44.64 per day
  • Visitors from Germany spend the least at €27.69 per day
  • Visitors from the UK spend €34.94 per day

Duty free allowances Lanzarote.

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