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What clothes should I pack for Lanzarote?

We have been keeping our own records of the weather since 2008 and whilst we would never recommend you bringing an umbrella, it goes without saying that you should pack and apply sun cream all year round but what clothes should you pack for Lanzarote?

January & February

January and February are our coolest months of the year, with the typical daytime temperatures ranging from 19 to 24 degrees and the evenings can drop to 10 degrees, although 15 to 17 is more like it.  We tend to get around 5 days of short sharp bursts of rain in January and 3- 4 days worth during February.

You can wear beach wear, shorts and flip flops on most days but you will want a light cardigan, jacket or fleece for some days and you will need trousers and a couple of layers for the evenings.  We would also recommend you bringing a waterproof.

malpaso way in Haria

March & April

The sun starts to really warm up during March and April. March can be a mixed bag of cloud and sunshine but you will still burn. We will typically see around 5 days of cloud during the month of April and the daytime temperatures range from 21 to 26 degrees for both months, although we have seen 30 on the odd occasion!

Here’s what to pack for Lanzarote – Beach wear, shorts and t shirts are great for the day and although the evenings remain fairly warm you may want to consider a light top for later into the evenings.


The mornings often start with some cloud coverage, but this is generally burnt off for the afternoon and evening.  The temperatures range from 22 – 26 degrees, although we have had spells into the 30’s.  The nights can be a little windy, with the temperate dropping to 17 degrees.  It rarely rains during May, but if it does it will be a short burst.

Beach wear, shorts and t shirts are ideal for May and unless you are a very cold person you won’t need an extra layer for the evenings.

Blue sky day patera skeleton La Corona Guinate
La Corona Guinate

June, July and August

Typical June and July temperatures are 26 – 32 degrees but it can climb to the mid 30’s and we have even seen the 40’s.  August is the hottest month of the year and we average 10 hours of sunshine a day, the nights rarely fall below 20 degrees and during the day we enjoy 29 – 35 degrees.

Wear the lightest clothes you have!  Forget fleeces, coats and even trousers and jeans!  Simply pack shorts, swimwear, t shirts, summer dresses and hats. Summer is a lightweight month when you pack for Lanzarote!

September and October

Temperatures range from 28 to 34 degrees and the nights start to cool to around 18 degrees in September and 15 to 18 degrees in October.

Beach wear, shorts and t shirts are great for the day and you may want to consider a light cardigan for the evenings.  The UV is very high during September so you may wish to wear a hat.  You won’t need a waterproof for September but you may want to consider it for October, although we tend to only get around 2 days of light rain.

December weather

November and December

We tend to see 18 to 28 degrees in the day falling to 14 to 17 degrees at night.  December is also the month you are mostly likely to see rain on the island but to put it into perspective, we only get 29MM of rain on average each December and even less in November.

One thing that always, always happens, is that Christmas day is hot and sunny. Bizarre, but true.

Swimwear as well as shorts and t shirts will be fine for the day but you will need a fleece or light jacket for the evenings and a waterproof.

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