Vineyards & Wineries In Lanzarote

Lanzarote now has nearly 2,000 hectares of active vineyards, which is close to 5,000 acres. For an island that is only 862km2 this is a sizeable proportion of our available land space.

The vineyards are concentrated in the central area of La Geria but also across the different municipalities, the old and new capitals of Teguise & Arrecife are the only areas without a vineyard.

Vineyards Lanzarote

This map produced by the Vinos Denominación de Origen Lanzarote highlights 17 bodegas producing a range of wines in Lanzarote. Their motto is “Esencia de Volcán en tu copa” which translates to the essence of volcano in your cup. As you can see from the list below, there are many more bodegas than promoted by the coach tours, we would recommend a visit to one or two during your holiday for a tour and taste, just decide who is the designated driver first!

1. Bodegas Castillo de Guanapay, Calle La Asomada 39, Tías. Tel: 928 804 579

2. Bodegas El Alto, Camino Las Quemadas 12, La Vegueta, Tinajo. Tel: 928 173 510

3. Bodegas El Campesino, Calle Guadarfia 2, San Bartolomé. Tel: 678 753 133

4. Bodegas El Grifo, Lugar de El Grifo, San Bartolomé. Tel: 928 524 036 Web:

5. Bodegas Guiduan, Avenida de los Volcanes 116, Tinajo. Tel: 928 840 715

6. Bodegas La Geria, Carretera La Geria km 19, Yaiza. Tel: 928 173 178 Web:

7. Bodegas La Grieta, Calle Aulaga 14, Punta Mujeres, Haría. Tel: 928 848 110

8. Bodegas Los Bermejos, Camino a Los Bermejos 7, La Florida, San Bartolomé. Tel: 928 522 463 Web:

9. Bodegas Martinón, Camino del Mentidero 2, Masdache, Tías. Tel: 928 834 160 Web:

10. Bodegas Mozaga, Carretera Arrecife-Tinajo km 8, Mozaga, San Bartolomé. Tel: 928 520 485

11. Bodegas Reymar, Plaza de Los Dolores 19, Tinajo. Tel: 928 840 737

12. Bodegas Rubicón, Carretera Teguise-Yaiza 2, La Geria, Yaiza. Tel: 928 173 708

13. Bodegas Stratvs, Carretera La Geria km 18, Yaiza. Tel: 928 809 977 Web:

14. Bodegas Tierra de Volcanes, Calle Las Vistas 18, Yaiza. Tel: 630 889 454

15. Bodegas Vega de Yuco, Camino del Cabezo, Tías. Tel: 928 524 316 Web:

16. Bodegas Viña Meseta, Camino El Peñón 14, La Vegueta, Tinajo. Tel: 928 840 425

17. Bodegas Vulcano de Lanzarote, Calle Victor Fernández Gopar 8, Tías. Tel: 928 834 456

Many of the restaurants in Lanzarote stock a range of the local wines so if you aren’t planning on leaving the resort during your holiday, you can still sample the wines with tapas or an evening meal.

Lanzarote marks the start of the grape harvest (la vendimia) in Europe due to our climate, the grapes are normally picked during late July / August depending upon the weather. The Fiesta de la Vendimia in honour of the Virgen de la Caridad is normally held in the second week of August where you can watch camels unload their cargo of harvested grapes, then kick off your shoes and join in the fun of crushing them with your feet.

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