Craft Beer Tasting In Lanzarote

The team at Wine Tours Lanzarote run a regular craft beer tasting session at The Upper Deck bar in Puerto Calero. It’s every other Tuesday and we went along this week to see what it was like.

The Upper Deck is a super venue, as they have the best selection of craft beers on the island. With up to 83 different beers on offer, there’s plenty to go at after the tasting session!

Dan, one of the team’s beer experts, was our host for the day, and he chose three local craft beers for us to try, with The Upper Deck selecting one of their stock, as a sort of wild card.

The group size is kept to a manageable ten people, and we were given beer analysis sheets to record our tasting notes, and there were “beer tasting wheels” on the table to help is identify the aromas and tastes we were enjoying.

Dan introduced each beer to us, with a short description of the local brewery that makes it, and then we worked our way through the sheets, starting with our eyes, then our noses, and finally our taste buds.

It was fun sharing with the other participants to see if we’d agreed on the flavours and tastes.

As someone who just drinks beer, without thinking about it, it was a fascinating experience to understand the complex flavours of the beers and how they are produced. And the quality was deeply impressive – Lanzarote’s craft beer makers are doing an amazing job.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of beers, or just an occasional drinker like me, you’ll get a lot out of attending one of these events, and they’re excellent value at 25 € for four tastings during a one hour long session.

You can book to join the next one here: Craft Beer Tasting.