Wine tasting

Private Wine Tastings

We were lucky enough to be invited to a private wine tasting given by the team at Wine Tours Lanzarote this week.

A private tasting is a fabulous idea for:

  • Families with children on holiday – you don’t have to drag them on a winery tour
  • Groups staying in a villa who want to experience Lanzarote’s fabulous wines
  • A birthday or other celebration to get friends together
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to have to designate a driver!

Wine Tours Lanzarote bring everything to you – five different premium local wines and three different goat’s cheeses that pair with them perfectly.

Our Wines & Spirits Education Trust Certified presenter was Ollie, and he welcomed us with a glass of Bermejo’s amazing sparkling white which is made using the same method as Champagne. Ollie explained that the nutty, bready flavour comes from the fact that the wine is left on the yeast (called the lees) for some time.

He worked the following four wines around his presentation “A journey through Lanzarote wines,” which explained the history of wine making here, why it’s so unique, how it’s made and much more.

The whole thing was fascinating, and even someone who knows a fair bit about local wines will find plenty of information that’s new to them. Ollie also explained to us how to taste wine and helped to bring the flavours to life. There’s lots of humour and plenty of fun moments, so don’t think for a minute this is a stuffy or dry presentation.

After the sparkling, we moved on to the famous “blue bottle” wine from Vega de Yuco, then a cracking rosé from Bermejo, a fabulous red from Tablero (there’s a great story behind the winery, and I won’t spoil it by telling you!) And we finished off with a semi sweet from Rubicón.

The initial wines were paired with super fresh, light goat’s cheeses, and the more robust wines with some stronger harder cheese.

It was an excellent experience, and we’d be happy to recommend it to anyone.

You can book a private tasting or indeed, their usual tours, with them at this link. Wine tours Lanzarote.