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Is Lanzarote child friendly?

Is Lanzarote child friendly? We are often asked this, so we have highlighted some of the areas that make Lanzarote a fabulous choice for any family holiday!

Airplane mid flight

Flight duration

With flight durations from the UK, Ireland and Germany all only being around 4 hours Lanzarote is a great choice for a family holiday.

If you have active children simply stock up with lots of distractions and snacks.

There is no time difference between the UK, Ireland and Lanzarote and only a 1 hour difference between Germany and Lanzarote which is an added bonus when travelling with children.


“What will the weather be like?” is the most common question we receive from holiday makers and the Canary Islands are often described as having the “World’s best climate” so we recommend that sun cream is worn all year round and that all holiday makers stay hydrated.

August is the warmest month with an average temperature of around 25 degrees and January is the coolest month with an average temperature of around 17 degrees.  The highest recorded temperature is 43.6 degrees and the lowest is 8.0 degrees.

If you would prefer to bring your children during the winter months you can expect daytime temperatures ranging from 18 to 24 degrees, swimwear and shorts are fine for the day and a light jumper is recommended for the evening.  The ocean drops to a very child friendly low of around 18 degrees in February and whilst Lanzarote has a desert climate, we do get some heavy and short bursts of rain.

Playa Grande beach Puerto del Carmen
Playa Grande beach Puerto del Carmen


There are 3 main resorts on the island to chose from and each of them are very child friendly.

Puerto del Carmen was Lanzarote’s first resort and it has a full range of accommodation options, an active fishing port, fabulous beaches which stretch over 6KM, a vast amount of shops, restaurants and bars and lots to do for families.  The resort is 10KM from the airport.

Costa Teguise is a man made resort with plenty of restaurants, shop and things to do.  There is an abundance of big hotels and multi room apartments.  Costa Teguise tends to be the windiest resort so it attracts lots of sports people but it is a great choice for families as it is completely flat.  The resort is 12KM from the airport.

Playa Blanca is the islands newest resort and it is located right on the southern tip.  It boasts some large complexes and lots of high quality hotels, accommodation is generally more upmarket in Playa Blanca and is therefore the highest price resort.  Whilst it is flat it is quite spread out so be prepared to do some walking and the beaches are all golden sand with lots for families to do.  The resort is 40KM from the airport.

You also have Arrecife and rural Lanzarote and both offer great alternatives for those preferring not to stay in a main resort.


The offering of excursions in Lanzarote is vast and almost all of them offer child places and prices.

You can take a bus tour, enjoy an experience on the water, sample some fabulous gastronomy, ride a camel, attend a guided walk, whizz around the go kart track and much, much more.

Car hire and car seats

With so much to see and do in Lanzarote we always recommend that holiday makers hire a car, it is almost always the most cost effective way to explore the island and we offer 9-18KG car seats and booster cushions free of charge which is one less thing for you to have to pack!

Restaurants and bars

With the obvious exception of adult only venues, all restaurants are child friendly on the island.  The restaurants are completely geared up for children of all ages, with varied menus, highchairs, hospitable staff and the kids are often given a complimentary treat at the end of the meal!


There are three waterparks on the island and they are geared up for children and adults of all ages.

Bottled water
Bottled water

The water

You can drink the tap water here in Lanzarote but most people buy containers of water from the supermarket.

Nappies, milk and food

The supermarkets stock nappies from newborns to toddlers and the little swimmers range.  The brands may not be what you are used to and we cannot do a price comparison so we shall leave it to you to decide whether to bring your own or to purchase when you arrive on the island.

There is a also great selection of formula milk, jarred food, bottles and accessories.


There are farmacias  located everywhere in Lanzarote, particularly in the resorts and you can’t miss them as they have large flashing green crosses outside.  For all non emergency medical treatment you would visit them, even to purchase painkillers as these are not stocked in the supermarkets.

Papagayo Shopping Centre

What to do in the unlikely event that it rains

We often go for months without any rain but we do get some and if you have rain whilst on your holiday there is still plenty to do.  You could visit an attraction, five of the seven main attractions are under cover, visit the aquarium in Costa Teguise, go shopping in the shopping centres in Playa Honda and Puerto del Carmen, go diving or bowling.  There is plenty to do and whilst the rain may come down hard, it is often only in short bursts.

In summary, Lanzarote goes out of it’s way to cater for families, whether you have a newborn, a toddler or a teenager there is so much to see and do and let’s not forget that the weather allows you to visit all year round.

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