7 Tips To Get Better Flight Prices To Lanzarote

We book a lot of flights! We fly off and back on to the island about 20 times a year. It’s a big expense for us so as you can imagine, we try hard to keep the cost down as much as possible.

We thought we’d share our tips for getting the best prices and for enjoying the best experience on your visits to Lanzarote.

Book Early!

There was a time with the low cost carriers when leaving booking until the last minute could often mean bargain prices. That really doesn’t apply any more, especially on Lanzarote routes where flights are almost always full. As a general rule, the earlier you book, the better.

Book Now!

Flight prices go up without warning! We’ve been caught out by checking a flight price and then deciding “We’ll book it at the weekend” only to find the price has increased by €30 per person. If you see the flight within budget, just book it, and don’t wait.

**Bonus Tip**

Once you’ve booked your flights, at a price you’re happy with, don’t go back and check them! In the unlikely event they have gone down, you’ll only ruin your mood!

Look at other airports

Many of our flights are to and from the UK, and last year we flew to six different airports. Even taking into account the cost of onward travel, we’ve saved money by choosing less obvious airports. For example, if you normally fly from Glasgow, it might be cheaper to choose Manchester even if you pay for a hotel the night before you fly.

It’s also worth noting that the two busiest airports in the UK for Lanzarote are Manchester and London Gatwick, so you’re more likely to find availability from those two.

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Go for early or late flights

Flights with awkward times book up more slowly than “middle of the day” times, so they are often cheaper until the bitter end when there is no longer a choice.

We recently booked to fly back from London. The departure is at 0530, so we’ve booked into a hotel in the airport terminal. Even adding in the cost of the hotel, we’re still paying less than for a flight which departs at a more reasonable 1230 the previous day. And we have the benefit that we’ll be home in the sunshine by 0930!

Bounce into Madrid or Barcelona

It might sound strange, but we’ve often saved money by stopping en route in Madrid or Barcelona – those routes to UK are very high traffic and have some great prices. You can either just continue your journey on the same day, or stop overnight for a city break. This tip is especially true for anyone who is a Lanzarote resident, because we enjoy a whopping  discount on flights to the mainland of Spain.

Book Speedy / Priority boarding and / or seats

It really is worth paying the extra to pre book your seats and get speedy or priority booking with the low cost carriers:

  • You won’t have to queue at luggage check in
  • You don’t have to stand for ages in the line at the gate balancing your iPad, passport, hand luggage and food
  • You’re guaranteed space in the overhead lockers for your hand luggage
  • You can pre print your boarding passes before you travel, so you won’t have to find somewhere to do that here in Lanzarote
  • You’ll just have a much more stress free flight!

Use Skycanner

Skyscanner is a great way to see all the options for a given day, and from a choice of airports. If you’re looking for flight only, its the way to go. You can see it here: Skyscanner.

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