It doesn’t happen often, but we do get some rain in Lanzarote at this time of the year. When it does rain, it can really come down!

So here are some tips in case you are affected by a rainy day whilst here on holiday:

1/ Visit an attraction




Five of the seven main attractions of the island are inside or under cover. So a rainy day is a good time to visit The Fundacion Cesar Manrique, The Mirador del Rio, the Cueva de los Verdes, the Jameos del Agua or the Castillo San Jose.

2/ Visit the Aquarium in Costa Teguise




The Aquarium in Costa Teguise is well worth a visit and has more than a million liters of water, with some amazing beasts, including sharks to see. You can even get up close and personal with some of the sea creatures in the “touch” tank.

3/ Hire a car and head north!




The northern villages are famous for being the most green and fertile part of the island. So if it’s raining, head up there to see how green the valley of a thousand palms can really become in the winter months. It’s truly spectacular!

4/ Go to an amusement arcade




All three resorts have some good amusement arcades, and most have decent cafes within. So you could spend a few hours racing Ferraris or betting on the slot machines.

5/ Go shopping!




The two main indoor shopping centres on the island are at Deiland in Playa Honda, and The Biosfera Centre in Puerto del Carmen. Both are small by European standards, but they have a decent selection of shops, bars and restaurants.

6/ Go diving!




The rain doesn’t matter when you’re underwater, so diving is a good option. There are many dive schools on the island, who will take qualified divers out, or who will give you a try dive, to see how you get on with breathing under the ocean.

7/ Take a virtual ride




Visit the Cine 6D in Marina Lanzarote for a variety of virtual reality cinema rides, there’s the Lanzarote Skyride tour as well as a selection of thrilling action movies including car chases, penguins, dinosaurs, roller coaster rides & more.

Visit a soft play area in Lanzarote