The Escape Room Lanzarote

We tried out Lanzarote’s newest attraction recently – The Escape Room Lanzarote, which is in the Biosfera Plaza shopping centre in Puerto del Carmen, and is part of the Rooftop Entertainment complex – although it’s one floor down from the rooftop.

What is an escape room?

In case you haven’t heard of them, escape rooms are a way to test your wit and skill – you’re “locked” into a room and have a series of puzzles, riddles and tasks to complete in order to escape.

It’s a fabulous way to spend an hour with friends or family, seeing how effectively you can work together as a team to achieve the final objective.

What’s The Escape Room Lanzarote Like?

We can’t give too much away, because we’d spoil your fun, but as with everything related to Rooftop, it’s really well thought out and incredibly detailed – even the entrance area is themed!

Currently there is one escape room, but the team are well on the way to creating the second, with a completely different theme.

When we arrived, we were given a thorough briefing explaining the theme, two different types of torch each and a walkie talkie so we would be able communicate with the front desk if needed. Having said that, the front desk team monitor your progress with cameras, and they are on hand to offer the odd little tip or advice.

Once everything was clear, we were invited to enter the escape room, and the door clicked shut behind us. Of course, there’s a big button you can press to get out if you need to!

The layout and the “stuff” you interact with is just brilliant. Everything feels very authentic, and you find you’re quickly immersed into the scenario and racing against the clock. Again, without giving anything away, the computer terminals, valves, communications devices and everything else are worthy of a film set – nothing feels “home made.”

We made it with very little time to spare, but we did just scrape in under the hour. I think we were slow to switch our thinking to “out of the box.”

Once we’d saved the world, we entered yet another room where a surprise was waiting for us and we were then given the final code to exit.

We’d highly recommend The Escape Room Lanzarote and we’re planning to go back and do their new room when it’s open.

Can you beat our time?

The Escape Room Lanzarote is at The Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre in Puerto del Carmen. There’s a free car park beneath the centre.

They have a website, where you can pre book: The Escape Room Lanzarote and they are on Facebook. The game can be played by two to five players.