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Do you need to know which Lanzarote resort to choose for your holiday?

Here’s what to expect when you arrive at Lanzarote Airport.

Do you want to see live arrivals and departure information from Arrecife airport?

Do you want to know about the Lanzarote bus service?

Do you need directions to the resorts from the airport?

Here’s a distance table for various parts of the island.

These are the dates of the annual fiestas we enjoy here.

This is the information about markets on the island.

Are you planning to relocate to Lanzarote? Start here. And you find jobs here.

We’ve written reviews of loads of restaurants on the island. Read them here.

There are some fabulous walks you can do in Lanzarote.

Need to know the current Pounds versus Euro exchange rate?

Everyone wants to know about our weather! But here’s a tip: We’ve recorded the actual weather here for five years, so if you want to see what it was for any given month, just type “<month> weather” into the search box!

Do you want to know what duty free items you can take home with you?

Want to know some secrets?

Here’s where to go food shopping on the island.

And finally, here are some FAQs.

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