Lanzarote Bus

Lanzarote Buses

The Arrecife Buses are clean, reliable, frequent and good value. The full list of routes and timetables can be viewed on their website Arrecife Bus just click “lines & timetables” and select which line you want information on.

The Arrecife bus station is called Estación de Guaguas and situated on the Ví­a Medular. The station telephone number is 928 811 522 and answered from 8am to 8pm.

A 10-30% discount travel card is available, ask for the Bono Bus Lanzarote (BBL) at the Arrecife Bus Station. Fares are reduced by 10℅ with a Bono card and 20℅ for residents and can only be obtained by applying at the Estacion de Guaguas with proof of residency and a passport sized photo

The App

The bus service here has an app, which tracks buses in real time, so you can:

  • Find the route for your journey
  • See when the next bus bus due at any stop you are waiting at
  • Check ticket prices
  • Check the balance of any bono card you have
  • Change the language to English or German from Spanish

Here are the free download links:

iPhone – Apple app store

Android – Google Play Store

Here are the details on the main lines connecting the resorts, these times are based on weekdays, please check their website for weekend and fiesta schedules.

Lanzarote Bus

Arrecife to Playa Blanca

Starts from Arrecife at 7am in the morning from the bus station (línea 60) there are numerous stops along the route which follows Playa Honda, Tìas, Biosfera in PDC, Macher, Puerto Calero, Uga and Yaiza before reaching the bus station in Playa Blanca. The bus leaves Arrecife every hour on the hour from 7am until 9pm. There are less frequent buses at the weekends and fiestas the bus does not run at 10am, midday, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.

Price €3.40

Airport to Playa Blanca

The línea 61 connects the airport of Lanzarote with the resorts of Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca, also stopping at Puerto Calero and Yaiza. The service starts at 07:30 on a weekday and 08:00 at weekends and on fiesta days, departing every hour until the last bus at 21:30 weekdays and 20:00 weekends / fiestas.

The service costs €1.35 to Puerto del Carmen or €3.15 to Playa Blanca, these prices are reduced by 30% if you purchase a bono discount card.

Arrecife to Costa Teguise

This is a very frequent route (línea 01), basically a bus leaves the station in Arrecife on the hour, 20 minutes past and 40 minutes past the hour from 8am until 8pm. There are a couple of earlier buses before 8am and they run at least once an hour right through the night.

There are stops along the Avenida Islas Canarias and Avenida del Mar in Costa Teguise heading into Arrecife. Leaving on the hour, 20 minutes past and 40 minutes past from the Hotel Gran Melia Salinas.

Price €1.30

Arrecife to Puerto del Carmen

Again a very frequent route (línea 02) this runs the same as the Costa Teguise bus but from 7am to 9pm the buses run on the hour, every 20 minutes past and 40 minutes past. There is a bus once an hour through the night and early morning.

The bus stops at El Reducto beach, Playa Honda and then has stops through Matagorda and Puerto del Carmen, the Biosfera is the next to last stop. Leaving to return back to Arrecife on the hour, 20 minutes past and 40 minutes past.

Price €1.40

Costa Teguise – Puerto del Carmen & Puerto del Carmen – Costa Teguise

This route (lí­nea 03) is the same as the Arrecife to Costa Teguise and Arrecife to Puerto del Carmen lines, they leave both destinations on the hour, 20 minutes past and 40 minutes past, simply stay on the bus in Arrecife to continue to the next resort.

Price €2.80

Lots of tourists use the service, if you don’t fancy hiring a car or paying to join excursions then hop on one of the local buses. Please take change or a maximum of a €10 note for your fare.

Where to get off in Arrecife – Arrecife Bus Station & Intercambiador

Spanish phrases to help you on the bus!!

Do you go to..?
¿Va usted a..?

How much does it cost?
¿Cuánto cuesta?

How far is it from here?
¿Cuánta distancia hay de aqui?

Which way is it to…?
¿Por dónde se va a…..?

How many stops?
¿Cuántas paradas?

Which is the line that goes to…?
¿Cuál es la línea que va a…..?

Where is the bus station?
¿Dónde está la estación de guaguas?