Nuestra señora del Carmen

Nuestra Señora Del Carmen Review

Rushes and Fishes The third weekend in July was always circled in red in my diary when we lived in the UK. I took part in almost every annual Rochdale Rush bearing event as a singer and as a poet after a mate and I formed a folk group over forty years ago. We called ourselves by the imperative title of Lendanear, but no one ever did ! We would sing to crowds who weren’t really there to listen, as…

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Things to do

Things To Do In Lanzarote

There are so many things to do in Lanzarote. If any of the things listed below float your boat, use our search facility above to find out more about how to do them or where to book them. Sports The only sports we can think of you can’t do in Lanzarote involve snow and ice! Pretty much everything else is on the table. For cyclists, the island is heaven – smooth roads, light traffic, challenging climbs, and for MTBers, some…

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6 Things I learnt during my trip to Lanzarote

6 Unusual foods you will find in Lanzarote

We think everyone should try the local dishes whilst on holiday so we have highlighted 6 unusual foods in Lanzarote Gofio Gofio is a milled grain that is similar to wholegrain flour and it has been a staple part of the Canarian diet for thousands of years and many children are still weaned on it.  Gofio can be used in either sweet or savoury dishes and it is often added to stews, to coffee, it is used to make sausages…

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