Sly G

Interview With Sly G

Hello there, what is your real name?
My real name is Sylvain Giordano.

Do you have a stage name?
Yes, Sly G.

Where are you from originally, Sly?
I’m French, I was born in Nice.

Oh la la! How long have you lived in Lanzarote?
I lived in Lanzarote since 2005.

What brought you here initially?
Following my Love.

Mmmm, that sound romantic! What do you like about the island?
I love that special feeling we have and also the security and friendship.

There must be one place you like better than others…
My favourite place, I think, is Montaña Roja.

That’s quite an unusual place to pick… Tell me, what do you play and sing?
I’m a singer guitarist and I love to sing from Sinatra to Led Zeppelin.

Certainly, a wide range! How would you describe your gigs and your music for someone who’s never heard you before?
My gigs, whether solo or with my band, are full of energy and with a big selection of artists. I love to share music and food vibes with the crowd.

Who is your idol, musically speaking?

Wow, that is quite different! Do you have any special projects coming up?
I want to finish a new album and videos.

When and where do you have regular gigs in Lanzarote?
Normally as a band, Jägerbone, we are playing in Bikers Beach Club in Playa Blanca, but now it’s a bit different. I do live streaming online from my Facebook page Sly.G.Singer (see link on the next answer).

Adapt or die, as they say, right? How can our readers keep up to date with your gigs and projects?
Facebook: Sly.G.Singer
Spotify: Sly G.
YouTube Channel: Sly Giordano –

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
Keep on Rocking and Smiling.

Very rock and roll of you! Thank you very much for your time, Sly. Looking forward to hearing you play live sometime soon!

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