Paulyne & Rob

Interview With Artist Paulyne Skipsey

This is a guest article by Diane Lawton.

On a beautiful July day 2020, I met artist Paulyne Skipsey in Arrecife Marina, aboard her sailing boat, Saviour. She talked to me about her recent collection ‘Beautiful Isolation’ that she created as a result of being on a boat during Spanish lockdown. She and her husband Rob were not allowed to leave Lanzarote waters. They are still restricted where they are allowed to sail and live on their boat.

This is Paulyne’s story in her own words.

“I was born in Epsom, Surrey in the U.K. It’s a town famous for the discovery of Epsom salts. It is not an edible salt, it is more often dissolved in baths, to help a range of ailments, aches and pains. It looks similar to table salt, but Epsom salt is bitter and unpalatable.

When I was about 4 years old my parents moved the family to the coast, where I discovered my love of the sea. My mum would take us to the beach, and of my three sisters and brother I would be the first in the water and the last out. Whilst everyone got dressed and our belongings packed, I would still be frolicking in the ocean, dancing and diving in the waves. My family eventually moved back to London, but my love of the sea had been ignited.

I am a self-taught artist, and whilst still at school, my art teacher implored me to go to art college. She said I had the talent of an old master. Unfortunately, my parents were against the idea and said I must get a job. I worked selling camera’s, and soon developed a love for photography. I had a studio in London, photographing models for various agencies. I photographed people, families, children and eventually my Flower Fairies series over the years. Never seascapes. I was fortunate enough to be featured in Vogue magazine for my Flower Fairies, these are shown with this interview.

During those years I had four children. I had my first child at 19 years old and became homeless at one time. I also fostered nine children. With all my domestic responsibilities, my love of art and my love for the sea were almost forgotten.

In time, I started to paint again, first with watercolors. You can see this influence in my recent collection ‘Beautiful Isolation’ which were painted with acrylic paint as my chosen medium. It’s always wonderful to see my watercolour paintings from my earlier collections on the walls of my appreciative customers.

Next, with a move to Wales, I set up a studio in Cardiff. I painted in mixed media where I exhibited another collection of my work.

When the children had grown up, my husband and I decided it was time to have an adventure … at sea. My love for the ocean waves was rekindled.

We sold up, trained as Skippers and bought a sailboat called ‘SAVIOUR’ and set off to sail the seven seas. I packed a modest amount of art materials on the boat.

After sailing for 18 months, it was in Lanzarote where I finally started painting my new collection. It was due to the emergency lockdown, with no where to go except walk the dog of visit the supermarket. I called this series ‘Beautiful Isolation’. I was finally inspired to paint my love of the sea. I love Lanzarote and have made many beautiful friends here.

My idea was, that during the state of emergency, as people cannot get out of their homes, then I would paint God’s glorious creation of the wonderful sunrises and sunsets for them to see at home. I saw them around the marina, and then as restrictions were lifted the rest of the island. This collection is acrylic on canvas, all painted while on our boat ‘Saviour’ hence the Facebook page ‘Sailing Saviour art’

My paintings have had over 17k likes, loves and wows from people all over the world on various social media pages. Many have sent me lovely messages, expressing their feelings of serenity and peace that my art work has brought them. This experience has been deeply humbling. My motto is ‘It’s a beautiful world and you are part of it’.”

Diane: Thank you very much for inviting me aboard Saviour and sharing your wonderful story and your beautiful work with our Canary Island friends and visitors. Where can people see more of your work or contact you?

Pauline: I am considering holding an art exhibition in Arrecife, if anyone would like to offer advice, or a space to exhibit my ‘Beautiful Isolation’ series I would be very appreciative.

You can follow my art on Instagram
You can view and purchase prints and originals on Facebook

If you don’t see the painting you like, you can request a private viewing on our boat in Lanzarote Marina, or you can message me on Facebook.

Here’s some of Paulyne’s art. Click an image to open the gallery: