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6 Things I learned during my trip to Lanzarote

We are often asked for hints and tips from people who are visiting Lanzarote so here are 6 things I learned during my trip to Lanzarote.

A Spanish dish doesn’t always mean Tapas!

I love Tapas and it is my favourite way to eat when on holiday in Lanzarote.  However, we recently learned that you need to specify that you require a Tapas size portion of a dish as some restaurants also offer Raciones which are standard portion sizes.  We visited a fabulous traditional beach front restaurant in Puerto Calero and we ordered what we thought was 4 Tapas for a light lunch but 4 Raciones and bread arrived!

I wasn’t prepared for how often we would stop!

Whether you are navigating the island by foot, or bus or car – be prepared to stop and take a lot of photos and videos.  The scenery is truly stunning, often breath taking and certainly not like anything I have ever seen before. #nofilterrequired

Timanfaya Express Tour

We needed a car

There is so much to see and do on the island and the easiest and most cost effective way to explore is by car so I am so pleased that we hired a car for our whole week.  I would recommend heading out of the resorts and going North to see some of the more rural parts of the island.

I am better at haggling than I had realised 

This is an obvious one for those choosing to head to one of the brilliant markets on the island, but I was quite surprised at how much you can haggle an item down by.  I would also recommend haggling with the ladies that braid and plait hair on the beach fronts and in the towns, we were able to get one lady down from €30 to €10 for my Daughters French plaits.

We didn’t need to get out at the petrol stations

Those that are seasoned visitors to the island will be used to this but for those first time visitors, you don’t need to get out at the petrol stations.  You simply pull up making sure that your fuel is on the correct side, tell the attendant how much fuel you wish to put in and pay via cash or card – all from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

6 Things I learnt during my trip to Lanzarote
Missy on Catlanza

Our research had paid off and we made some cracking memories!

A great way to experience the island and to make some special family memories is to go on some  excursions. There is a huge amount on offer so I would recommend that you do your research ahead of your trip and book them in advance – we especially loved our day aboard Catlanza.  This way you are guaranteed a place as a lot of them sell out, particularly during peak seasons.

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