The following is our summary list of different excursions and activities to enjoy during your holiday in Lanzarote. Choose from a selection of bus tours, boat trips, experiences on land and water and discounted attraction tickets.

Please visit the links provided below for full details of each excursion and how to buy tickets / book online in advance.

Beach Buggies

Phoenix Explorer tour – 2.0 hours

Rising Phoenix tour – 2.5 hours

Viva Pirata – 2.5 Hours

Gofio Phoenix – 3.0 Hours

Flor de Phoenix 3.5 hour tour

Boat Trips & Water Experiences

Catlanza Catamaran

Catlanza Private Luxury Charter

Try Dive & Diving Courses

Gastronomy Food & Drink Experiences

Lanzarote Wine Tour

Lanzarote Craft Beer Tour


Karting Experience

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