What Do I Need To Do To Visit Lanzarote During The Pandemic?

There’s always a lot to think about when you’re going on holiday. But these days, with Covid tests, online forms to complete and more, it’s worse than ever! So we’ve put together a handy list for you to use, to make sure you’ve got the extra things when travelling during a pandemic covered.

We’re assuming you already have flights booked, car hire or transfers booked, travel insurance arranged, and you’ve checked your passport is in date.

There are basically three things you need to do which are different to normal. You will need a Covid test, you will need to complete an online entry form, and you’ll need to download Spain’s track and trace app.

Covid Test

Depending on whether you’re travelling from a high risk country or not, you will either need a PCR test to present at the airport, or a PCR or antigen test to present when checking into your accommodation. The test result needs to be dated with 72 hours before arrival on the island and have your details, including passport number on it.

You can read full details here: Covid testing for Lanzarote.

Online Health Form

You also need to complete an online health form before travelling, which will ask if you have any symptoms, where you are staying and will ask you to confirm you have a test certificate, if your home address is in a high risk country. While completing the form, make sure you use the same ID or passport number on both your test certificate and the form.

The health part must be completed within 48 hours of travel, and you will be emailed a QR code, which will be scanned on arrival here.

More information: Online health form.

Download The Track & Trace App

This will protect you and people around you. If you are in close contact with anyone here who then tests positive for Covid, you’ll receive an alert through the app. You should keep the app on your phone for 15 days after you return home.

More information: Track & Trace app.

On Departure From Your Home Country

Most airlines will ask to see your Covid Test certificate and your health form QR Code at check in, so have them handy.

What Should I Expect On Arrival?

On arrival and once you’ve cleared passport control, you’ll have the QR Code from your form checked by medical staff and they will also take your temperature. If you’ve come from a high risk country, you may randomly be asked to present your Covid Test certificate.

On checking into your accommodation, whether you are from a high risk or low risk country, you will be asked to present your test certificate. They may also check you have the app downloaded to your phone.

Don’t forget face masks, and you can read more about when you need to wear them here: What’s Lanzarote like post Covid lockdown?

And Relax!

At that point, you’ve done everything you need to do, and you can unpack, get out into the sunshine and start enjoying a fabulous Lanzarote holiday!

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