Currently there is no requirement for people arriving in Lanzarote to be tested for Covid. 

We don’t yet have a date when this Covid testing will start, and the proposal is still being debated and may change. But here is the current plan for implementation at a date to be decided. We’ll update here as soon as we know more.

The Canary Islands government has agreed a testing protocol to guarantee the safety and security of tourists visiting the islands, and with the aim of establishing air corridors across Europe through covid testing.

The objective is to make the islands accessible to all visitors for the winter sunshine season, and to provide them with the safest destination in Europe.

This is a joint initiative with The Balearics, and it is thought it may also be rolled out across the peninsular.

Negotiations have already begun with governments to establish air corridors, without any quarantine requirements.

Prior To Arrival In The Canaries

Those coming from countries with a coronavirus incidence of less than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days, will not be required to take a test prior to travelling.

Those coming from countries with higher than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants over the previous 14 days will have to take a test in their country of origin, within 48 hours of flying, and present the negative test certificate on arrival.

Prior To Returning Home

48 hours before flying home, all visitors will be tested, at no cost, here in the islands, at a number of venues available to them and set up for covid testing. The aim of this covid testing is to assure home countries that there is no need for quarantine measures.

If You Test Positive

If a visitor tests positive before returning home, they will be quarantined in accommodation reserved for the purpose here on the island, and the costs of the accommodation and health care will be covered by The Canarian government.

As mentioned above, this covid testing is not yet in place, and it depends on air corridor agreements being set up. There are also some details that are not clear yet, and we will update as soon as they are. 

Here’s the latest information on Coronavirus in Lanzarote.