FCS Health Control Form

FCS Health Control Form For Travel To Lanzarote

If you have a digital or paper Covid pass with QR code

You no longer need to complete the SPTH locator form.

The SPTH entry form to visit Spain is only now required if you cannot validate your Covid certificate or digital pass at this link: Validator.

If you do not have a Covid pass with QR code or it fails to validate

You still need to complete the SPTH form.

If you are unable to validate your certificate at that link, then you are still required to complete the form before travelling to Spain.

This form is designed to enable the Spanish authorities to contact you if the need arises and to check your recent health history.

  • This must be completed within 48 hours of travel. (some parts can be done in advance, but the health questions will become available 48 hours before you travel.)
  • One form per passenger is required.

There are several sections, which include:  personal information, contact information, details of the trip and a health declaration.

Once you have completed and digitally signed the form, you will be emailed a QR code. You can keep the code on your phone, or print it.

You must have this QR code to enter Spain, and it will be required as part of the health screening process on entry. 

All passengers, from whatever country, and regardless of age must complete a form and obtain a QR code.

Here’s the Link, in English, where you can complete the form: FCS Health Control Form.

Completing the form

One of our readers has completed the form and has very kindly shared his information for everyone:

Everyone has to fill in their own form individually, so here are some notes to help you fill it in:

There’s an App called SPTH on Android, but it’s not available on the Apple App Store yet, so I’ve been through the process on-line. The App may be easier but I don’t know.

The on-line form is a little quirky and a multi-stage process so I’ve documented it here.

First put in your passport, flight details and email address.

You’ll receive an email with a unique 6-digit code.

Go back to the link and Access “Continue individual form” and put in your passport number and the unique code you’ve just received.

You now have to enter some personal details, including UK address. Phone number code has to be GB +44. Address field is a bit quirky – 30 character limit for everything up to the “city” and no commas allowed. But I’m guessing it doesn’t matter too much what you put in. Apartment number is mandatory (again no special characters) so I just put in NA.

You’ll then need to put in details for your arrival in Spain. Enter the airline. Seat number seems to be optional – I’m guessing this may become mandatory 48 hours before.

Hotel name (If applicable).
Number and street
Apartment number if applicable
State – select “Las Palmas”
Zip Code is -this will be a number starting with 35 – for example, Puerto del Carmen is 35510.
Check the checkbox to say this is where you are staying for your entire stay, then Save.

The next steps are your travel history and health status, which are only activated 48 hours before you travel. I’m hoping it will automatically remind you to your individual email addresses but it’s worth a calendar reminder.


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