November In The Vineyards

Dan takes us through what goes on in Lanzarote’s vineyards during November, when the vines are storing energy and being pruned.

October In The Vineyards

October in the Vineyards is the monthly update on what actually goes on through the year in Lanzarote’s famous wineries.

Wine Shop Lanzarote

Wine Shop Lanzarote

Wine Shop Lanzarote are now able to deliver your favourite Lanzarote wines to your home in the UK or Ireland.

Wine tour

A Wine Tour Of Lanzarote

We enjoyed doing a wine tour with the team from the aptly named Wine Tours Lanzarote. We visited two boutique bodegas and one of the big ones.

El Grifo

El Grifo 2018 Wines

We attended a presentation at Bodega El Grifo to find out what their new wines are like and hown they continue to innovate in their wine production.