Radio Stations

Radio Stations in Lanzarote

Below is a list of English and Spanish speaking radio stations in Lanzarote.

 Radio Stations in Lanzarote

Monster Radio

Founded in 2015 the studio is based in Tias with local multi language presenters broadcasting on 93.3 FM.

Contact the studio by Facebook Monster Radio and website Monster Radio you can also listen online.

Monster Radio

 Radio Stations in Lanzarote

Power FM

A mixture of Lanzarote and UK based DJ’s. Tune in to 99.2 FM or 92.2 FM in the South of the island plus listen online.

Contact the presenters by email to, Twitter @powerfmlive Facebook powerfmlive

Radio Stations in Lanzarote

40 Principales

The Spanish equivalent to Radio 1 with popular chart music, broadcast on 100.4 FM in Spanish with local news and advertisements. Listen online at their website Los 40.

Lanzarote Spanish Speaking Radio Stations

If you want to practice your Spanish and tune in to one the local Lanzarote Spanish speaking radio stations, have a listen to one of the following:

90.7 Radio Lanzarote

92.0 Radio Cristal

93.3 Radio Litoral

96.8 Radio Insular

101.2 Radio Ecca

103.4 Ondacero Lanzarote

106.5 Cadena Cien

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