Lanzarote – Themed Souvenirs

Let’s face it, most souvenirs you buy to take home, either for yourselves or to give to a loved one, are cheap and tacky trinkets that end up in the bin sooner or later or gathering dust in somewhere in the house.

However, there is so much talent in the island that there is no need for that. It’s worth spending a few more bob with something that not only is made locally but that you will treasure time and again.

I have been keeping an eye out for those kind of souvenirs and here I bring you a selection of 5 of them, Lanzarote-themed of course!

1) A board game: The Lanzarote Game
It’s a family game for 2 to 5 players, aged 8 onwards, and it’s available in Spanish, English and German – all 3 languages been featured in the game.

The Lanzarote Game is a simple strategy game that invites you to embark on a journey through our marvellous island. You will win the game if you manage to be the first player to go back to your departing square after having visited all the places of interest on your card. Plan the best route, play your cards right, decide your strategy on every move and trust your luck.

It retails at €39.95 and it can be bought in Toy Planet in Deiland Shopping Centre and Librería Diama in Arrecife where they still have some units of the 1st edition of this game.

The author is Javier García and he has also created a smaller, more economical game about La Geria but we’ll review that one some other time.
More information on or by emailing

2) A book: “Discover La Geria with Nico”
Discover the secrets of La Geria with Nico and meet his friend Bermeja, a bunch of grapes that loves sunbathing and telling stories about viticulture.

An exciting adventure written by Ismael Lozano Latorre, advised by Ignacio Valderas (the enologist at the winery Bodega Los Bermejos) and illustrated by by Juan Castaño, which will transport you to the most magical places of the island of Lanzarote: La Geria.

This 40 page long book is available both in English or Spanish and it retails at €14.95 at the main bookshops in the Canaries. In Lanzarote it can be found at Librería Diama, Librería El Puente, Librería Lanzarote, Librería Fajardo in Arrecife and Book and Papers in the Deiland Shopping Centre, amongs some of them.

More information on or by emailing

3) A clock: The Lanzarote Clock
This is a beach-themed Lanzarote-shaped resin clock will take you back to your holidays… any time – pun totally intended!

It’s made by Casa de Colour, a wonderful and colourful shop in Playa Blanca. Although the palette is the same, each clock is unique as the are individually made. The clock measures approximately 42 x 15 cm and it costs €49 or €65 with initials in the gold sand.

If you don’t want to take it with you, it can be shipped to the UK on request and they will quote you the price when ordering it.

For more information, contact Casa de Color on their Facebook Page ( or email them at

4) A colouring book: “Ludicrous Lanza: Dream Doodles”
Colouring books appeal to both children and adults alike, many people find it very relaxing, even therapeutic.

This one is make by local artist Lyn Phillips, it features imaginary houses and landscapes but it’s very obviously inspired in the shapes you find in Lanzarote. The colours are up to you!

The 64 page paperback can only be ordered online, either in Pounds ( at £6.99 or in Euros ( ) at €8.75.

5) A t-shirt: Lanzarote T-shirt
I quite literally just bumped into this last Lanzarote-themed souvenir that local artist Ruth Mifumu, under the brand of Blue Rofe, has created.

It’s actually two different ecologic cotton t-shirts with the outline of Lanzarote embroidered by hand using different techniques: one using chain stitches and the other one French knots.

They can be bought online on at €40 and €45 respectively, these prices includes shipping costs. They can also be bought at Ancones Lejanos Hostel in Costa Teguise at a different price.

For more information you can contact with Ruth either on her website or on her Facebook Page (

As you can see there is plenty of pretty and original souvenirs to choose from. So many in fact, that I am already onto researching some of them some more. Watch this space!

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