Lanzarote Restaurant Review – Fresh Brunch, Café La Ola, Puerto del Carmen

Fresh is part of Café La Ola – walk down the slope, and turn left instead of right, and you’ll find yourself there. It has tables right on the ocean front, with glass screens, so you get the most amazing view – it’s almost like being on a boat.

We went there on a Sunday to try their brunch with bottomless bubbles. It’s available on the last Sunday of each month.

Once we were seated, it was explained to us that we could help ourselves to all the cold dishes, orange juice, coffee and sparkling wine, and that the team would take our order for a hot dish.

The service is quick and efficient, and we felt very welcome. A DJ starts playing at midday, and the chillout tunes are at the right volume for the time of day, with some nice tracks played.

The buffet is beautifully laid out, with a section of fresh fruit, one for meats and cheeses, and then another for breads, pastries and cakes. Drinks include various juices, coffee, tea and sparkling wine. There are also various cereals and yoghurts available.

For the hot dishes, the choice was scrambled eggs or omelette with various fillings, two poached eggs with salmon and asparagus, or a bruschetta with avocado.

Julie went for the poached eggs, which were perfectly cooked and served on a bed of spinach and accompanied by sweet potatoes, tomato onion and chilli. She really enjoyed the interesting breakfast mix and described it a very tasty. I went for the bruschetta, and I felt it was a small portion and under seasoned, although the avocado was perfectly ripe, the bread nice and crispy and it was covered with mozzarella.

The buffet more than made up for my small portion, and everything was top quality and delicious. I particularly enjoyed the breads, which tasted home made.

We enjoyed fresh orange juice with our meal, and the coffee was excellent. As part of the brunch, you can help yourself to as much sparkling wine as you like – the choice is a dry or a sweeter fruity rosé. Neither of us particularly enjoyed the wine, and we’d have happily paid a little more for it to be a decent cava or even Champagne.

Overall, it’s a fabulous new offering in Puerto del Carmen for a weekend brunch, with plenty of great quality food, and above all, the most epic views. It’s decent value too, at €25 a head.

Fresh is at Café La Ola, Avenida de las Playas 10, Puerto del Carmen. You can book by calling 928 51 55 00.

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