Pimientos Padron

Lanzarote Recipe – Pimientos Padron

Another Lanzarote tapas staple, is pimientos padron and one which is so easy to cook! If you manage to get the correct type of Spanish Padrón Pepper, remember, there’s an occasional hot one in every 20 or so!

Ingredients for Pimientos Padron

Padron peppers (allow 8 to 10 per person) – they are a particular type of green pepper, which originated in Galicia, but you can substitute any type of small pepper.

Sea salt – From Lanzarote is best!

Olive oil

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We use a skillet, but any heavy based frying pan will do.

1/ Heat 2-3 tablespoons full of non virgin olive oil until very hot but not smoking.

2/ Add a few peppers at a time – they will sizzle and spit!

3/ Keep turning them until they are just going brown and blistering in parts, sprinkle some salt on them and remove to kitchen paper.

4/ Repeat with the remaining peppers and serve with a sprinkle more of sea salt.

Pimientos Padron can be served with bread, or as a tapa, but never without a chilled glass of white or a light beer!