New Exhibition At Monument Campesino

A new exhibition has opened at the monument: “Shepherding the wind . Taming the water. Cultivating the fire”, is an exhibition coordinated by the Agrarian Transformation Society (SAT) focusing on the rural environment of Lanzarote, which includes photographs by Gerson Díaz and texts by María José Tabar.

(A Piece of) Lanzarote Goes Into Space

A piece of basalt rock from Lanzarote was launched into space on a Space X rocket this week. Lanzarote rock is the closest on earth to moon rock, and a series of experiments will be conducted on it.

Covid Pass Extension Requested

The Canarian government has asked the Supreme Court to approve an extension to the mandatory Covid Pass rule for islands in levels 3 and 4. If granted, it will extend the requirement until 24th February.

El Róbalo Back

César Manrique’s El Róbalo wind toy is back in place at the roundabout at Los Pocillos in Puerto del Carmen, following a complete refurbishment.

Carnival Dates Confused

Arrecife Ayuntamiento has decided to put their carnival dates back by three weeks, in the hope Covid numbers at that time will allow for a more normal celebration. The new dates are 11th to 23rd March. Mayors will be meeting soon to decide which dates other areas are going to hold carnival and the picture is unclear at the moment.

Graffiti Vandalism In Costa Teguise

Several buildings and installations in Costa Teguise were vandalised with graffiti over the weekend, prompting Mayor Oswaldo Betancort to ask residents to call the police if they witness this in action. Police are investigating with a view to bringing charges as soon as possible.

African Drug Ring Broken Up

National police arrested a total of 9 men in Arrecife, who are charged with running a drugs supply operation bringing cocaine and Heroin to the island.

Calima Causes Flights To Hold & Divert

Two flights from UK had to hold for some time last weekend while waiting or visibility to improve enough for them to land. The issues were caused by Saharan dust in the air, causing a calima. Both aircraft were operated by Jet 2, one from East Midlands, and the other from Stansted. They eventually landed safely. Further flights from Manchester and Leeds Bradford were eventually diverted to Gran Canaria.

Strongest Winds In Haria

The storm last weekend created gusts of up to 77kmh to be recorded in Haria on Sunday night. A gust of 69kmh was also recorded in Tinajo. Emergency services had to secure a fence in Playa Blanca that was threatening to blow down in the wind.

Increase Connectivity With Mainland Spain

Flight seats from the peninsula have increased by 29% this winter, making the national market the fastest growing one for Lanzarote. Many visitors from Spain came to The Canaries for the first time during the pandemic, and are choosing to return.

Cabildo Considering Return Of Free Parking At Airport For Short Visits

The Cabildo is considering a proposal to ask AENA to restore free parking at the airport for visits of half an hour or less, to allow residents to collect friends and family, without having to pay for parking.

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