Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 4

TUI Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing

A TUI flight from Exeter in the UK made an emergency landing at Cesar Manrique airport on Thursday. The aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 declared an emergency on approach when the crew discovered the flaps were not operational. Flaps are used to generate more lift at low speeds. The aircraft was put into a holding pattern for around 30 minutes to burn more fuel, and was then given a direct approach to the airfield, where emergency services were waiting. It was able to land safely, albeit faster than normal.

Artificial Intelligence For Tourism Information At Airport

A booth will be installed at Lanzarote Airport, which will use AI, though Chat GPT, to give tourists arriving on the island, information in 95 languages. The booth, called Cicerone, will be able to help with route planning, restaurant bookings and much more.

Spain overtook France in 2023 to become the world’s most popular tourist destination, after welcoming 84 million people to the country, surpassing the pre pandemic record high. The largest growth market was from The United States, up 40% on the 2022 figure.

Red Cross Helped 11,000 People in 2023

Cruz Roja, the Red Cross, helped more than 11,000 people in 2023 here in Lanzarote. The organisation consists of just over 600 volunteers who give up their own time to offer lifeguard services, attend accidents and give first aid.

Large Delegation At FITUR In Madrid

FITUR is Spain’s largest travel event, and a large delegation from Lanzarote and The Canary Islands are currently on stands at the show to attract more tourists from mainland Spain to visit the islands.

Man Dies Cycling To Teguise Castle

A 70 year old man died after suffering a cardiac arrest while cycling on the road up to the castle in Teguise. The man, of foreign nationality, fell off his bike while pedalling. Emergency crews tried but failed to resuscitate him.

French Artist Heavily Criticised For Graffiti

A French tourist, Vanessa Alice has courted controversy this week after she posted photos to social media showing a piece of graffiti she painted on the wall of a ruined house on the island. She received plenty of pushback in the comments from locals for doing so, and President of the Cabildo Oswaldo Betancort asked her to meet with him at The Cabildo, where he explained that islanders feel very strongly about protecting the history and heritage of Lanzarote. A report has been submitted to the Island Heritage Service and it’s possible she may be prosecuted.

New Electric Scooter Rules

The new rules around electric scooters came into effect this week. Scooters must have a vehicle identification plate and riders must have civil liability insurance and wear a helmet. They are not allowed to ride on sidewalks, pedestrian areas, crossings, intercity roads or in tunnels.

Emmy Award For Show Recorded In Lanzarote

The TV Show José Andrés and Family in Spain, all about Spanish gastronomy, which was recorded in Lanzarote and other parts of Spain, has won an Emmy for “outstanding culinary series.” In the how Andrés cooked local dishes in various places, accompanied by his three daughters.

Sunbeds Back In Arrecife In The Spring

The tender for the supply of sunbeds on Playa del Reducto in Arrecife has been won by a Galician businessman. He will pay an annual fee of €12,100 and will be expected to provide 160 sun loungers and 80 shade umbrellas, as well as the staff to maintain them and take payments from user.

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