Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 2

Ten New Taxi Licenses For Yaiza

Yaiza Ayuntamiento has approved 10 new taxi licences for the municipality and is inviting applications. The move will increase the number of taxis from 67 to 77.

New Hiperdino Opens In Costa Teguise

The new Hiperdino Express supermarket in Avenida Jablillo has opened in Costa Teguise this week. The 330 square metre store has a bakery and a fruit and vegetable section.

Big Drop In Unemployment In 2023

Unemployment on the island fell by more than 1,000 during the course of 2024, a decrease of 11.4%, making it the largest drop in the islands.

Museo Atlantico To Re-Open

The artist Jason deCaires Taylor has visited Lanzarote this week and met with the Cabildo President, Oswaldo Betancort, and the CEO of the tourism department, Héctor Fernández. Fernández will set up a working group with the aim of properly re-opening the underwater museum, from which the previous administration removed all support and safety vessels. Taylor will be diving the museum, to see how it has evolved in the five years since he was last in Lanzarote. Museo Atlantico consists of 35 separate life sized sculptures of people, modelled on real people in Lanzarote.

Tourists Rescued In La Graciosa……

Three tourists of British Nationality, were rescued by emergency services in La Graciosa on Tuesday afternoon, after climbing a mountain there and reaching a point at which they could not go up or down. They were on the north face of Montaña Bermeja. The two women and a man were roped down to the base of the mouton by the rescue services.

While Others Walk on Lava

Dozens of tourists were reported to be walking on the protected lava at Timafaya, as they got out of their cars while queueing to visit the attraction this week. Some were even seen removing stones from the area.

We remind visitors that they are absolutely prohibited from walking in the national park, or removing anything as a souvenir.

An observer, who shared a video on social meida commented. “We live surrounded by people who are not only disrespectful, but completely blind to the beauty and fragility of this island, and who also do not yet understand that everyone’s economy and their own depends on its preservation,”

Bus Interchange For Costa Teguise

Funds have been approved for a €2.1 million bus interchange in Costa Teguise, which will accessible access to the buses, with a shaded area to wait for them, information screens and green areas and public washrooms.

UD Lanzarote Change Management Team

Manager Leonel Pipa Gancedo and training coach Roberto Infantino are no longer with the club after having their contracts terminated by the club last week, and having been part of UD Lanzarote’s unbeaten run so far this season, which saw them hit the top of the league table before Christmas. It’s not entirely clear what has caused the problem, but the move apparently has the support of all the players.

The team went on to lose their match against CD Herbania last Sunday and with it, their unbeaten run. They slipped to 4th position in the table.

December Was Warmest Since Records Began

The month of December finished up being the hottest on record, with the average daily temperature 1.3 degrees higher than normal.

6007 Migrants Died Trying To Reach Islands

In the deadliest year ever, a total of 6,007 people lost their lives on the migrant route from Africa to The Canary Islands in 2023.

Masks Required In Health Centres

The uptick in various respiratory infections, mainly influenza, across the islands has resulted in the health department insisting that masks must be worn in doctor’s surgeries and hospitals throughout the islands. They also recommended that anyone with a viral infection should try to self isolate, and if not possible, they recommend wearing a mask, increasing room ventilation, and washing hands regularly.

Arrecife Bakery Sells More Than 2,000 Roscones

The bakery La Guinda, in Titteroy, Arrecife sold more than 2,000 Roscoes de Reyes cakes in the lead up to King’s Day, despite offering them only to those who had pre ordered. The bakery has decided to add their version of the cake to their regular stock going forward, as it proved so popular.

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