Lanzarote Moves To Alert Level 2 From Monday

Due to the rising numbers of Covid cases – 225 currently on the island – Lanzarote moves on Monday to Alert Level 2. Key points are a curfew from 2300 until 0600, and maximum group sizes of 4. Read more: Lanzarote post Covid lockdown.

Heavy Rain Brings Flooding

Heavy rain thanks to Storm Filomena arrived on Thursday, bringing floods to Arrecife, Playa Honda, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen, with barrancos unable to cope with the volume of water coming down to sea level.

Here’s some footage from Playa Honda:

Sale Time In The Shops

The traditional post Christmas sale started in Lanzarote on 7th January, with many traders on the island offering discounts of between 50 and 60% to clear stocks ready for the spring.

New Urban Speed Limits From May

The DGT has published new speed limit laws across Spain, which come into force in May, to give local councils time to change their signage. The new limit will be 20kmh on urban single carriageway roads with sidewalks, 30kmh where there is no sidewalk and 50kmh on dual carriageways in urban areas. The changes have been made to allow cities to develop new traffic models to safely incorporate cyclists, mobility device users and cars safely.

Busy Day At The Airport

Saturday was a busy day at the airport with around 3,000 tourists arriving on flights from The Peninsular, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Belgium. There were also several flights in from the UK, bringing residents home, and taking UK citizens back to their home country.

Incoming Storm

A storm is heading towards Lanzarote and is expected to bring strong winds and rain on Wednesday and Thursday this week, with the main event expected to hit the island on Friday, with the alert status set at Orange. There is expected to be some disruption at air and sea ports.

Lucas Is Lanzarote First 2021 Baby

The first baby of 2021 was delivered in Arrecife Hospital at 1045 on 1st January. Lucas, conceived during lockdown, weighed a fraction under 3 kilos.

Canaryfly Suspends Operations

Canaryfly, the inter island airline is suspending flights from 11th January until 21st March. The airline cited greatly reduced passenger numbers during the pandemic, and is planning to be 100% operational again for Easter.

Two Venues In Playa Blanca Denounced For Breaking Covid Rules

Two entertainment venues in Playa Blanca have been denounced by local police for not complying with the order to close at midnight on New Year’s eve. On the same night, Police also issues penally notices to three people who were breaking curfew in the town.

Vaccinations Move To Health Professionals Phase

Care home residents in Lanzarote have now all received their Covid vaccinations and the next phase is starting this week – the 1500 medical staff on the island. José Luis Aparicio, the manager of the health service in Lanzarote is expecting 70% of the island’s population to have been vaccinated  by July.

Moderna Vaccine Approved

The Modern vaccine has been approved by the EU, and Spain has been allocated 16 million doses of this second approved vaccine, which should arrive in the next 7 to 10 days.

LZ40 Dual Carriageway Project

A project to convert the LZ40 into a dual carriageway has been put out to tender. The road, which runs between Puerto del Carmen and the airport, receives very high levels of traffic. The project is valued at €380,000 and is expected to take 10 months.

Rising Case Numbers Blamed On Christmas Gatherings

Christmas gatherings are to blame for Lanzarote’s increasing Covid case numbers this week. The number of active cases has increased to 159, with almost a third of them in Tias municipality.

More Hotels Expected To Close Following UK Lockdown

The tourism department of Lanzarote is expecting most hotels to close down until the UK emerges from Covid lockdown. Currently around 20% of hotels are open, and the expectation is that will reduce to about 5%.

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