I enjoy having a good trawl around statistics relating to Lanzarote, and I’ve had some fun coming up with these ten interesting facts about the island’s population.

1/ Lanzarote’s population was just 9,675 back in 1768 and had only doubled to 18,331 by 1900. It broke through the 100,000 barrier in 2001 and now stands at just over 160,000.

2/ Arrecife is the most populous municipality, with 56,940 inhabitants, followed by Teguise (21,454) and Tias (20,019.) Haria is the least, with 4755.

3/ The population of Tias has grown by 26% in the last ten years, mainly through immigration. Almost 45% of the population of Tias are immigrants, mainly British.

4/ Men outnumber women on the island.

5/ Over 20% of the population is foreign – 32,000 foreigners live here.

6/ The average age of the population is 38,1 years. The “youngest” municipality is Arrecife at 37,0 years, and the oldest is Haria at 44,3 years.

7/ There are just under 3,000 Lanzaroteños registered as living abroad.

8/ In terms of density, Arrecife has the most at 2506 inhabitants per square kilometre, and Tinajo the least, with just 43.

9/ There have been around 1400 births in Lanzarote each year for the last five years.

10/ Over the last three years, the most common names for boys have been Pablo, Gabriel and Alejandro, and for girls Martina, Lucia and Lucia again.

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