Canaries Government To Continue With Levels

Spain’s State of Alarm ends on 9th May, this weekend, and control shifts back to the autonomous regions for the first time since March 2020. The Canarian government has said they plan to continue with the current measures which put islands on one of four levels with relevant restrictions for each. All the islands are currently in either level one or two, the lowest, and as before, they will be reviewed weekly on a Thursday.

Arrecife Buses Go Electric

Arrecife has ordered three electric buses as part of their fleet renewal, and has announced several improvements to the lines and timetables for the service in the island’s capital.

New Visitor Centre For Salinas

Yaiza has provisionally given planning approval for the construction of a new visitor centre at Salinas de Janubio. The new building will house a visitor centre, shop and additional warehousing and storage facilities for the company, which is one of the oldest on Lanzarote.

37 Cases From One Outbreak

Lanzarote’s track and trace team have confirmed that a total of 37 cases of Covid have been identified over the last few weeks, all leading from one infected person attending a gym in Arrecife. 21 of those infected attended the gym, and the other 17 are family members who they in turn, infected.

New Speed Limits In Urban Areas

New speed limits become standard across Spain from 11th May and apply to urban areas. The new limits are 50KPH on dual carriageways, and 30KPH on single lane roads in towns and cities. In some cases in towns where there is no sidewalk, the limit can be reduced to 20KPH. The aim is to make towns and cities safer, to reduce pollution and to encourage other forms of transport.

Tenerife Moves To Level 2

Tenerife has moved to Level 2 of covid restrictions this week, meaning all the islands are now in either levels 1 or 2, the two lowest tiers of restrictions.

Investment In Montañas Del Fuego

The Canarian government is inserting €2.3 Million to upgrade the facilities at Timanfaya National Park. The money will be spent on conservation, cleaning and general maintenance, as well as installing charging points for electric vehicles.

Long Term Rental Prices Average €757 Per Month

The average cost of a long term rental in Lanzarote is €757 per month, according to The Cabildo’s data centre. Prices in Yaiza municipality are the highest, averaging €880, and in Arrecife the lowest at €638. The €757 figure is higher than the national average for Spain, and represents 32% of the average salary on the island.

High Speed Broadband For La Graciosa

Fibre Optic fast internet is available across almost all of Lanzarote now, but La Graciosa has lagged behind. The Cabidlo has now set aside funds to install fibre across the 8th island in the coming months.

Phone House Hack

Phone House, a mobile phone supplier, based here in Lanzarote at the Deiland Shopping Centre, has suffered a hack of their computer systems, which may have revealed personal information about many of their 40,000 clients in The Canaries.

Arrieta Pier Opens

The new pier at Arrieta finally opened at the weekend. The wooden walkway has two shaded benches to allow visitors to sit and relax, either facing the shore or the ocean.

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