Flights For Irish Citizens Stuck In Lanzarote

A reader has given us details of how to register with the embassy in Madrid to let them know they are waiting to get home. Send an email to with your name and contact number. Once they have enough names in given parts of Europe, they can approach airlines to arrange repatriation flights.

State Of Alarm Extended

The State of Alarm in Spain has been extended to 24th May. Under the constitution, extensions are only allowed to a maximum of 14 days. This time, the Partido Popular abstained from the vote, which meant it was a fairly close run thing.

All Fiestas Cancelled Until 1st October

The seven municipalities of the island have agreed to cancel all fiestas until 1st October. This means key festivals like the Fiestas del Carmen and San Gines, together with the annual pilgrimage for Los Dolores will no take place this year. As well as reducing large gatherings, the ayuntamientos said it will allow them to concentrate their efforts on the economic recovery of the island.

Puntos Limpio Re-Opening

The island’s rubbish tips and recycling centres have re-opened this week. While we remain in Phase Zero, appointments by telephone are needed to dump household waste. From Phase One, that will not be necessary.

Water Use Drops Dramatically

The lockdown has reduced the island’s use of water from the desalination plant by a staggering 77.5%!

Cycling Prohibited On Playa Honda Promenade

The use of bikes on the promenade at Playa Honda has been banned for as long as the state of alarm persists. Without a dedicated cycles lane, it was proving impossible to maintain adequate social distancing during exercise periods.