Cannabis Clubs

Is Cannabis Legal In Lanzarote?

Disclaimer: We’re not lawyers, but this is a question we are asked often, so we’re answering it to the best of our ability, but we take no responsibility if you fall foul of the law when using marijuana.

It’s Complex…..

It is legal to cultivate or smoke cannabis for your own personal use in Spain. It’s also legal to buy seeds and paraphernalia related to cannabis use. You can grow plants on your own private property, again for your own use, but the growing plants must not be on public view.

It is illegal to traffic cannabis – selling the drug will result in one to three years jail time.

It is also illegal to smoke in public places, so expect a fine of up to €300 if you are caught. And of course driving while high is a serious offence, and police carry drug testing kits here.

Cannabis Clubs

There are cannabis clubs all over Spain, and several in Lanzarote. Many are for recreational use, and have sprung up because of the law that decriminalised cannabis use on private property. Some are also set up to help those using the drug for medical use, and even have doctors on site.

This article will tell you how to find cannabis clubs in Lanzarote.

So there you have it – the bottom line is it’s perfectly OK to grow it for yourself and to use cannabis on private property. But avoid any suggestion that you might be doing anything commercial.