Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis Clubs In Lanzarote

You’ll find cannabis clubs in many parts of Lanzarote, including in the resort areas. The clubs are for members only, but you can purchase an annual membership for around €20 – you’ll need to provide photo ID as part of your application.

The clubs sell hash and marijuana and they are legal and carefully regulated. Whilst any adult is allowed to buy and consume their products for leisure reasons, they also promote medical and therapeutic use. As well as products to smoke, they also sell cookies and cakes made with the product and cannabis cbd oils. Buyers are limited to the number of grammes they can purchase per day and legally, they should only consume it on the premises.

The clubs are set up a little like Amsterdam’s coffee shops, and most do indeed have small cafés attached to them.

Most of the product sold is grown locally on the island. There are around 20 clubs on the island, and to find one, do a web search for “Cannabis Clubs Lanzarote,” or download the app “Weedmaps.”

If booze or cigarettes are more your thing, here’s information about Lanzarote duty free.

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