Hot In Lanzarote

How To Cope When It’s Really Hot In Lanzarote

From time to time it gets very hot in Lanzarote. Not so long ago the island recorded the highest temperature in all of Spain at 42,6 degrees, or 108 Fahrenheit.

The island is also much closer to the equator than any other part of Europe, so we have extremely high UV at this time of year, which means you can burn very, very quickly.

The obvious thing to do to stay cool is to keep jumping into the pool, or the ocean, of course! But here are some tips for when you have to wander away from the cool water.

Wear a hat!

It might seem weird to cover up when it’s hot in Lanzarote, but shading your head from the sun will reduce your body heat. Ideally go for one with a brim that shades your face as well.

Keep your shirt on!

The same applies to the rest of your body – it might seem counter intuitive, but actually having a thin layer on is cooler than having exposed skin. Go for thin, loose covering clothing.

Walk slowly

Adopt the word “¡Tranquillo!” and slow down a little. There’s no rush, and if you stride out, you’ll be dripping in sweat in no time at all. Amble everywhere.

Go for the shade

Walk on the shady side of the street, and if you stop anywhere or a drink or a bite, look for the tables in the shade.

Stay hydrated

In this heat, you probably need to drink between 3 and 4 litres of water per day. And alcohol and coffee and tea don’t count. Get in the habit of ordering a water with every drink you buy. There’s no polite way to say this, but look at your pee – if it’s yellow and smells, you are already dehydrated, it should be straw coloured. Bottled mineral water is dead cheap here, so buy plenty.

Draw the curtains during the day

Unless you have AC wherever you are staying, then get in the habit of drawing the curtains during the day to stop the sun heating the room. Then open them as soon as it starts to cool down in the evening, throw open the windows and try to get a through draft going.

Choose a place with air conditioning

Most hotels and many apartments and villas now have AC on the island. If you suffer from the heat, then consider choosing places equipped to keep you cool.

Use wet wipes

Buy some wet wipes and use them to wipe your face and the back of your neck frequently. The product evaporating from your skin will help to cool you

And our final tip:

Drink small beers!

Ever wondered why locals don’t drink large beers? It’s because they get warm too quickly. If you order a caña, which is a small one, it will still be cold when you get to the bottom of the glass.

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