Covid Tests, Vaccinations & All That Stuff

We’ve sent you here because you’ve asked a question about covid tests or vaccinations, and currently we can’t keep up with them and answer you all individually.

All the information about what you need to do to travel to Lanzarote is already on our website, and this page will link you to everything you need to know. We can’t help with what you need to return to your own country, and you should check your government websites for that information.

What do I need in terms of vaccination certificates or covid tests to visit Lanzarote?

All that is here: Covid testing protocol Lanzarote.

Where can I get a Covid test in Lanzarote to return home?

Here you go: Covid tests in Lanzarote

What are things like there, and what are the rules?

We tell you here – What Lanzarote is like for tourists.

How do I get the Covid track & trace app for Lanzarote?

More information here: Radar Covid app.

How is the vaccination process going in The Canaries?

We update this daily: Vaccination programme.

What about coronavirus numbers in Lanzarote?

We have that too, updated every day. Coronavirus in Lanzarote.

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