Numbers updated 1st August 2021.

The objective here is to give you information about Covid vaccinations in The Canaries, to show which groups residents of Lanzarote fall into, and the relative progress on Covid vaccinations for each group. We’ll update regularly.

The government has said all residents will receive the vaccination and the aim is to have at least 70% of the population of the island vaccinated by summer 2021.

Spain is following the “two jabs within three weeks protocol,” and therefore the numbers published are for people fully vaccinated with both jabs. Numbers are for The Canaries as a whole. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Lanzarote specific numbers.

2,528,968 doses have been administered in the islands. The daily total is over 30,000 currently.

A total of 1,197,089 people have received both Covid vaccinations, meaning 61.10% of the population aged 12 years and over are fully immunised with both jabs.

A total of 1,491,034 people have received at least one dose, which is 77.44% of the population.

The process is that residents are being contacted by the local health centre at which they are registered when it’s time for their vaccination.

Population Groups To Have Covid Vaccinations – Complete means fully vaccinated with both doses where that applies.

Group 1. Residents and health and social health personnel who work in homes for the elderly and care for large dependents. Complete.

Group 2. Front-line personnel in the health and social-health field. Complete.

Group 3. Other health and social health personnel: Complete.

Group 4. Large non-institutionalized dependents. Complete.

Group 5. Senior groups 65 years and over. Complete.

Group 6. Groups with an essential function for society. 98.96% Complete.

Group 7. People under 60 years of age with high risk conditions for severe COVID-19. Complete.

Group 8. People aged 60-65 years. 54.50% Complete.

Group 9. People aged 50-59 years. 92.70% Complete.

Group 10. People aged 40-49 years. 66.42% Complete.

Group 11. People aged 30-39 years. 54.36% with one dose. and 34.60% with two doses.

Group 12. People aged 20-29 years. 47.03% with one dose.

Group 13. People aged 12-19 years. 31.49% with one dose.


The figures above are for the islands as a whole. We occasionally get data specific to Lanzarote, which is generally ahead of the overall numbers:

This update from 22nd July 2021

Lanzarote will achieve the target of 70% of the population fully vaccinated in late July.

Lanzarote has reached 72.9% of the population with at least one shot.

64% have had both shots and are fully vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated by age group in Lanzarote.

80 and over 100%

70-79 97.1%

60 to 69 84.20%

50 to 59 87.3%

40 to 49 74.3%

30 to 39 55.6%

20 to 29 34.5%

12-19 3.3%

You can see the latest numbers of active cases on the island here: Coronavirus in Lanzarote.

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