Lanzarote latest coronavirus information updated daily

Current active cases on the island – 752

Currently in Hospital – 32

Cases in ICU – 9

The infection rate per 100,000 over the last 7 days is 401

Lanzarote has had 11 deaths from Covid 19 since the epidemic began. 

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Below, you can see the updates during the lockdown here in Lanzarote.

Update 31st October

A new Covid Testing regime has been implemented for arrivals into The Canary Islands.

Update 26th October

The Spanish government has announced a State of Alarm that will initially last 15 days, but is expected to be extended until May 2021. It’s simply a mechanism which will allow them to impose special measure on regions with very high rates of infection.

The first measure will be a night time curfew in some regions of Spain. This does not apply to The Canary Islands.

Update 22nd October

Both the UK and Germany re-opened air corridors with The Canarian Islands, effective from this weekend, 24th October. British and German citizens can now travel to the islands without having to self isolate on their return, and will no long be travelling against government advice.

Update 10th October

The Canary Islands government has approved a testing regime for visitors to the island. At this stage, there is no information about when it is likely to start.

Update 27th September

Lanzarote has moved below 100 cases per 100,000 citizens, which means that additional measures requiring late night bars to close at midnight have been relaxed and they can now close at 0100. The wearing of masks in outdoor public spaces and the smoking restrictions when you cannot social distance remain in place for now.

Update 22nd June

Lanzarote, together with the other islands has officially ended lockdown, and we currently have no active cases of coronavirus on the island.

Update 18th June

One of the longest standing Covid 19 patients in Spain finally left hospital here in Lanzarote today, bringing the number of active cases on the island down to two, with only one remaining in hospital.

The 69 year old lady was admitted to hospital 90 days ago, on March 30th. Two days later, she was moved to ICU where she remained until 27th May. She has since been convalescing on a normal ward, but was allowed home today.

Update 13th June: The islands have now gone 10 days with no deaths from Covid 19 – the longest period since the pandemic began. There are now 96 active cases remaining in The Canaries, with 80 of those isolating at home and only 16 in hospital.

Update: 10th June. The islands have now gone a full week with no deaths from Coronavirus. There are currently 118 active cases across all the Canary Islands and only 16 of those in hospital, with the remainder self isolating at home without serious symptoms.

Update 2nd June: A milestone. For the first time since 3rd March, there have been no deaths recorded in Spain over the last 24 hours from Coronavirus.

Update 29th May 2020 – Passenger On Madrid Flight Into Lanzarote With positive Test.

A passenger on a flight from Madrid was intercepted  by Guardia Civil when the aircraft landed in Lanzarote at lunchtime today, because he had tested positive for Coronavirus  in Madrid, after coming into contact with someone who also had a positive test.

The 52 year old man, from Tinajo,  was in Ciudad Real to attend his mother’s funeral, when he came into contact with someone carrying the virus. He was then given a PCR test and instructed to self isolate while waiting for the results.

He chose to fly back to Lanzarote before the results of the test came through and the hospital alerted the police when the result came back positive, while the aircraft was en route. He will be charged with not complying with an order to remain in isolation until the test result was known. He is now self isolating at his home.

The remaining 130 (approx)  passengers were given the choice of returning to their homes on the island, or going to the isolation hotel, and in each case they were escorted there by Cruz Roja.

36 chose to go to The Palm complex in Puerto del Carmen, which has been set up as an isolation area, in order to prevent passing on any infection to their families.

A second patient, who had a temperature over 38 degrees had a negative test.

Lanzarote was praised by Health Minister Salvador Illa for the speed of the emergency response and for activating the emergency protocol to contain any possible outbreak.

Update 28th May 2020. The last patient in ICU has been moved to a ward to join the only other active case on the island. Lanzarote has now gone 19 days with no new positive tests for Covid 19.

Update 22nd May 2020. Another patient has been discharged from Arrecife hospital, which means we now have only two active cases on the island. One is on a ward and the other remains in ICU. There have been no deaths from Coronavirus across The Canaries since last Monday.

Update 21st May 2020. As of midnight last night it became compulsory for everyone over 6 years to wear a face mask in closed public spaces as well as in open spaces when it is not possible to keep 2 metres distance from other people.

The state of alarm across Spain has been extended by a further 14 days and is now due to end on 7th June.

Update 20th May 2020. Lanzarote has now gone 12 days without any new infections, despite hundreds of tests being carried out each day. There remain only three people on the island still suffering from the illness and all are in hospital.

Update 18th May 2020.  The Canarian government has applied for Lanzarote, and the other islands currently in phase one, to move to the next stage, phase two, of the de-escalation from lockdown from Monday 25th May.

Update 9th May 2020. After managing 13 days without any new infections, one new patient has tested positive. We also suffered our first death since April, with an 84 year old lady, who had been discharged from hospital, but then went into decline.

Update 6th May 2020. Lanzarote has now gone eleven days with no new cases. There are only five people in hospital currently. The Canary Islands as a whole had no new cases today.

Update 22nd April

The Canarian Government medical committee has released information about the comparative impact of the virus.

The rate of infection in the islands is 19.41 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to over 135 per 100K average across Spain. The rate of infection on the islands has been less than 1 for 20 days (less than one person being infected by each patient,) and fewer than 20% of hospital ward beds and 25% of ICU beds are taken up by Covid patients.

Update 16th April

Lanzarote has now gone four days without any new cases of Covid 19.

Update 15th April

A study by the Carlos 111 institute has confirmed a relationship between ambient temperature and the spread of Coronavirus. Charting the whole of Spain’s incidence of the virus against ambient temperature clearly shows that the spread is slower, the higher the temperature. The study also showed that airborne pollution also increases the likelihood of transmission.

These two facts explain why The Canaries have had the lowest incidence of Covid 19 in Spain.

Lanzarote has now gone three days with no new infections – 16 patients remain in hospital and 9 of them are in intensive care.

Update 10th April

In a special session of congress last night, Pedro Sanchez, as expected, requested a further 14 day extension to the special measures, which will now remain in place until 26th April. For the first time, the vote was opposed by two parties, with one abstaining.

Sanchez also hinted that it may be necessary to request a further extension to May 10th.

Update 9th April

For several days now, the rate of new infections in the islands has been falling. It appears that the lockdown, which is much more stringent here than in many countries,  is having the desired effect.

Across the islands, a total of 1834 have tested positive and 92 have died. 703 people have been admitted to hospital and 138 have required ICU care.

322 have been discharged from hospital as cured.

Tenerife remains the hardest hit island, with 1140 cases, Gran Canaria has 441, La Palma 68, Lanzarote 63, Fuerteventura 36, ​​La Gomera 7 and El Hierro 3.

Update 4th April

President Pedro Sanchez will be asking congress next week to extend the special measures by a further 15 days, to us up to April 26th.

This has not been confirmed yet, and will need to be ratified. We’ll update here, next week, if and when it is confirmed.

He also confirmed that the additional measure of requiring all non-essential workers to stay at home on paid leave will be lifted on 9th April as originally planned.

Update 4th April

Lluis Serra, who is the spokesman for the scientific committee advising The Canarian government said in a statement last night that the islands have already passed the peak of infections, and that the number of patients in hospital and intensive care has been falling over the last few days.

He went on to suggest that some elements of the confinement restrictions may be able to be lifted during the month of April.

Update 3rd April

In the last 24 hours, The Canary Islands have had 46 new coronavirus cases confirmed – the lowest daily increase since the 18th March. Early days yet, but this may be an indication that the islands have passed the peak infection rate.

Update 31st March.

Health experts have said The Canary Islands are in a “privileged position” with Coronavirus. According to all parameters, the islands are fairing much better than other regions of Spain, with fewer infections and a significantly lower death rate. Hospitals are coping well, and the number of new infections has started falling in the week when it was predicted we would reach our peak of new infections.

Luis Serra, spokesman for the committee, told the press that the battle is not yet won, and there could still be reverses.

Update 29th March.

The President has announced an extension to the special measures, which will requite all non-essential workers to take paid leave and stay at home from 30th March until 9th April. See full lockdown details here: Lanzarote Lockdown.

Update 28th March.

The total number of cases on the islands has broken through the 1,000 barrier. Lanzarote has recorded the third death from the virus, and across the islands 36 people have died. Tenerife remains the hot spot, with more than half the cases, and flights between Tenerife and other islands have been suspended.

Update 25th March 2020.

Lanzarote had announced the first death from the virus –  a 71 year old German resident from Yaiza.

A military aircraft has delivered more masks, gloves and test kits to the island for the health service.

Update 24th March 2020

Lanzarote remains steady with nine active cases. Tests are having to be sent to Gran Canaria currently for verification.

The Canary Islands government has asked Madrid for permission to keep some hotels open after the 26th as it is still thought that there are around 3,000 tourists on the island. More than 33,000 have left the island in the last seven days.

The airport is closing T1 for disinfection and any remaining flights will operate to T2.

Update 18th March 2020

It has now been confirmed by Sanidad that the four additional cases reported in Lanzarote were “false positives.” The initial test carried out on the island, is then checked with a more sophisticated test in Madrid, and in the case of three, they proved negative. The fourth is being tested again.

That means Lanzarote currently has three active cases.

Update 14th March 2020 – Emergency Measures

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a series of emergency measure which will last for 15 days:

All travel across Spain is to be limited from midnight on Saturday 14th March. Citizens are required to stay at home unless they have to make essential journeys. Fines of €500 to €2000 will be imposed on people out and about without a good reason.

All retail establishments, with the exception of those selling food, pharmacies, tobacconists, news stands, IT equipment suppliers and other essential supplies.

All bars and restaurants will be closed, and people are asked to maintain at least a one metre space where they do encounter others.

At this stage, we have no information about the airports in Spain, but the assumption is that they will be closed to incoming flights other than those arriving empty to repatriate tourists. We’ll update as soon as more information is available.

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If you have symptoms

The Canary Islands Health Service has asked anyone with the symptoms of Coronavirus (mainly fever, tiredness, and a dry cough, although some people may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhoea) to call 112 for English speakers or +34 900 112 061 for Spanish speakers.

Do not visit the hospital or a local clinic, the doctor will come to you.