What Is Christmas Like In Lanzarote?

At this time of year, many people are booking to come over to enjoy Christmas and new year “Lanzarote style!”

But what’s it like?

What are the official holidays?

The official holidays here are 25th December, 1st January and 6th January. On those days, offices and the shops out of the resorts will be closed. Many resort food shops and most of the bars and restaurants remain open all through Christmas.

Will it be busy?

In a word, yes! Christmas is a really busy time on the island, with almost full occupancy. So book your flights and accommodation early, and make sure you reserve your hire car in plenty of time as well, as the island always runs out of cars at Christmas time.

What’s the weather like?

December weather here is generally in the mid 20’s during the day, falling to 15 to 17 at night. Most days are very definitely beach or pool weather, and you will get a sun tan. We do occasionally get rain in December, but typically on only 4 or 5 days of the month.

The ocean still retains some heat from the summer, so temps will be around 21 or 22 degrees at the surface.

We can’t guarantee the Christmas day weather, but in recent years the day itself has been magnificent.

What is there to see and do?

Plenty happens around Christmas here. There will be a Santa Parade in Puerto del Carmen on around the 23rd and its worth visiting some of the island’s villages, most of whom create fabulous “Beléns” or nativity displays.

Every town has magical light displays, with TInajo’s roundabout being a feature each year.

Of course, all the major attractions and excursions on the island remain open as usual all over the Christmas period.

The Canarian tradition is for families to enjoy their big meal on Christmas eve, then go to mass at midnight, followed by a quiet day on Christmas day.

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Can we get Christmas dinner?

In the resorts, most bars and restaurants will be open on Christmas day, and many serve traditional British or Irish Christmas dinners.

Will it feel “Christmassy?”

Strangely, yes! Although it will feel hot, the lights and the atmosphere will still make it feel like Christmas. You’ll hear Christmas music being played everywhere, especially the classic “Feliz Navidad.” Christmas isn’t as commercial here as in some northern European countries.

What about New Year’s eve?

The bars in all the resorts will celebrate new year’s eve, with special meals and entertainment. There are usually fireworks. The Canarian tradition is for a family meal once again, opening the doors onto the streets at midnight, and then partying until dawn. You’ll find everyone dresses very well for new year’s eve.

For a taste of a Canarian night, visit Teguise or Arrecife for the midnight fireworks and dancing at the former, and batucada bands at the latter.

And afterwards?

The Christmas festivities aren’t over here on New Year’s Day. The big celebration here, when kids get their presents, is King’s day on 6th January, the day the three Kings visited Jesus bearing gifts. The Kings make an appearance in all the towns of the island on the 5th, usually riding camels. If you have children with you (or even if you haven’t!) you should go a take part in a King’s parade.

The 6th is a public holiday, and we’re all back to work on the 7th, which just gives us enough time to recover and prepare for carnival!

How do I find out more about what’s going on in my resort?

We publish a Christmas Guide every year, so look out for that from October onwards.