Lanzarote’s Secret Forest – Bosque De Haria

Did you know that Lanzarote has a forest? It’s known as the Bosquecillo and is well hidden from view, situated on the top of the Montaña de Haría, to the side of the radar station. Now, you might be disappointed if you’re expecting a huge deep forest, but there is a really lovely area planted with trees, picnic tables, built in barbecues, a children’s play area and absolutely stunning panoramic views down to Famara.

The area isn’t signposted, so if you promise to look after it, not to light any fires or take your own portable barbecue and put your rubbish in the bins provided – I’ll give you the directions to find it!

History tells us that parts of Lanzarote used to be covered with forests. Once trees are established they become cloud catchers by dripping water onto the ground from their leaves which is needed to sustain their growth due to our lack of rainfall. The cloud exists one to two metres above ground so the seedlings are protected with plastic nets which capture the moisture and water them until they become established.

If you walk to the right following the paved road you will see some of the experimental fenced off areas where local species of plants have been re-introduced to try and stop the soil erosion. Eventually you can find a cross with a view down to Haría.

Directions: From the road that connects Haría and Teguise, stop at the top of the Mirador de Haría, between the lay by where you can pull in to take photographs and the restaurant there is a road turning off towards the radar station, take this. As you go around the immediate corner the road splits into two, take the right hand track – this is a single lane track with traffic in both directions so if unsure, park at the layby and walk from here. The track winds around past a goat farm (Quesería Montaña de Haría) and past fields, here the radar station is on your left and the track goes 3 ways, take the right hand which will take you on to the car park.

There are lots of picnic tables and barbecues so have a wander round and find your perfect spot, there are some right on the edge of the Risco de Famara which have stunning views but if you have children maybe you would like one further back – enjoy! If you like walking, park in Haría and take one of the footpaths up the Malpaso Way or Barranco Elvira Sánchez, its an uphill climb but rewarded with lovely views back down to the valley and you will have earned your lunch and rest at the top.

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