Walk haria to bosquecillo

Lanzarote Walk – Haria to Bosquecillo

Haria to bosquecillo is a really great walk from Haría up to the forest and picnic area called Bosquecillo. From the centre of the village there are two routes, one is easier underfoot but longer.

Start from the Plaza de Constitución, with the ayuntamiento building on your left walk along the road past the library, when you get to the junction at the corner you need to decide which way you prefer, its shown as pointer number one on the Google Earth image.

For the longer route continue along the road you were on in the same direction, you should have the barranco on the left side and an old house with orange trees in the front garden on your right. This road meanders between the two hills, it does become a dirt track as you exit the village but its easy underfoot and slightly up hill. At the top you are rewarded with a panoramic view down to Famara and if you look back down to Haría you can see the sea on the other coast too. Continue along this track which will circle back around the base of Montaña Ganada and around to the pointer number 5 where it meets the shorter version.

The shorter route is to head left up Calle Angel Guerra, when you reach the school and sports ground continue up the road which becomes a dirt track, this routes takes you past fields and you may see the locals tending their crops and vines. Where the track meets the barranco, you can’t go any further as it is chained off, you need to walk up the barranco and the path is on the left hand side at first swapping to the right later, this is passable but overgrown and you need to take care with the sharp Agave spiky plants and spider webs if you’re the first one through! The banks of the barranco has wild fennel growing and you will get lovely wafts of aniseed as you walk through, eventually this meets the dirt track from the longer route.

Note, these two routes also make a circular walk around the valley of Haría, if you don’t want to climb any higher you could just take the other route and make your way back to the village.

If you’re all set to continue then walk towards the trees you can see in front of you, its better to walk on the path on the right of the barranco rather than the track or you may miss the cross over to the other side and end up rock climbing further up (I speak from experience)! Before you start the ascent you should see the path cross over the barranco, it winds up the hill on the left hand side which is much easier going than scrambling up the right.

During this climb take a moment to catch your breath and look back down the valley to Haría with Monte Corona in the distance, at the top the trees thin out and there are fields planted with crops, look for the path which continues in the same general direction on the other side of the dirt track. Once through the passage way between the fields you will reach the trees again, follow the wider track now to the right, you are at the boundary of Bosquecillo, take any path through the trees or continue right to the stone wall and take in the view before heading to the left and around.

There are numerous wooden bench style picnic tables and built in barbecues scattered in between the trees, pick your spot to enjoy your snack / lunch with the panoramic view down to Famara or over to La Graciosa. There is a lovely children’s play area here too. You can find more information and photos on our earlier post Lanzarote’s Forest Bosque de Haría which explains how to find the area by car.

When we walked back down we decided not to take the shorter route, we didn’t fancy the scramble through the barranco so continued along the higher track, for a short cut, look out for the path through the field that leads off to the right – its just before the corner that looks down on the goat farm, this will connect you down to the lower lane to save you walking the long way around to the Mirador again – unless of course you want another peek at that view!

The short cut skirts around the side of the goat farm, continue walking through the pícon until you see the stone hut and the dirt path again, this zig zags down the hill to the lane and you come out just behind the retirement home and sports ground.

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