Calima Causes Airport Chaos

A heavy calima descended on the islands on Saturday and Sunday and all airports were closed, and ferries cancelled. Several thousand passengers either bound for Lanzarote, or due to leave were affected. By Monday, flights and ferries resumed, but it will take up to three days for flights to recover. Contact your airline if you are due to travel this week.

In total 11 flights were diverted and 87 cancelled.

Considerable damage was caused to the island, with palms brought down, signs wrecked and at Timanfaya, windows smashed.

All outdoor events were cancelled, including the Sunday market in Teguise, and the 8th island challenge race in La Graciosa.

Chinese Community Of Lanzarote In Support Of Coronavirus Victims

Around 50 Chinese citizens who live in Lanzarote, demonstrated in front of The Cabildo this week in support of their countryfolk who are suffering in Wuhan.

Lanzarote Comes Top For Tourists

Based on surveys conducted at Canary Island’s airports, Lanzarote was rated top among all the islands, with an overall satisfaction score of 8.85 points out of 10. More than two thirds of visitors were making a repeat visit to the island. On average, visitors book their trips three months in advance.

Child Tests Negative For Coronavirus

A child who had been travelling in Italy was quarantined on Wednesday this week after falling ill. He was tested negative for Coronavirus on Thursday. The island remains free of the virus.

New Species Discovered In Lanzarote

A new species of sea snail has been discovered in Lanzarote by divers at a depth of 60 metres, off the coast of Lanzarote. It has been given the name Rissoella salaae, and it was found by biochemists who were investigating the black coral which grows at depth around the island.

Fobos Completed

The refurbishment of the iconic Manrique wind toy, that used to sit on the Tahiche Roundabout has been completed. Fobos was originally put in place in the 1990’s and had suffered considerably over the years. The restoration took four years, and the sculpture will be put back in place over the next few weeks.

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