Orzola Hosts Tribute To Migrants Who Lost Their Lives

The village of Orzola hosted a moving ceremony at the weekend, to commemorate the 8 migrants who lost their lives on 5th December when their boat overturned, and to honour the local citizens who risked their own safety to help rescue many others.

Permission Sought For Wind Farm

A Portuguese company has applied for permission to install a 50 megawatt wind farm off shore, in the area of the island’s existing power station. The wind farm will use four 130 metre turbines, placed on individual, anchored, floating platforms.

Stratvs Case – All Defendants Acquitted In First Phase

The long running Stratvs case, which involved eleven defendants charged with various offences relating to the environment and planning has come to an end, with all the defendants absolved and acquitted. In a very detailed judgement from the court in Las Palmas, which took each charge and defendant in turn, explained the ruling. Their is a second phase to this case, the trial for which will start in February.

UK Removes Canary Islands From Safe Travel Corridor

The United Kingdom will remove the islands from their safe travel corridor list with effect from 0400 this Saturday 12th December. The decision is based on increasing numbers of Covid on the islands as a whole, but completely ignores the fact that they are localised in Tenerife, with all other islands showing stable or decreasing numbers. Several hotels, which had planned to re-open for Christmas are now reconsidering the decision. The decision means anyone returning to the UK from the islands has to self isolate for 14 days. This of course affects British residents of the islands who may be planning to return for Christmas.

Road Repairs In Playa Blanca

Yaiza Ayuntamiento has awarded an €800,000 contract to resurface 9 streets in Playa Blanca, and make repairs to cycle lanes and pavements.

Rescuers Invited To Cabildo

The nine people who selflessly dived into the ocean to save lives when a migrant boat overturned in Orzola have been honoured with a visit to The Cabildo, where President Dolores Corujo expressed “the sincere gratitude, respect and deep admiration of the entire island of Lanzarote in one of the saddest and most difficult moments experienced in recent times.” A total of 28 people were rescued and 8 drowned.

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