Naked Man Denounced For Building A Stone Sculpture In Timanfaya

A bizarre story – a man was photographed while building a stone sculpture in the protected area of Timanfaya – a serious offence. But rather oddly, he did so whilst naked. Although it was reported to the police, they did not arrive in time to arrest him.

Arrieta Citizens Fight Possible Camp Site

A group of villagers in Arrieta are lobbying the Ayuntamiento of Haria, in a bid to block the legalisation of the camp site at Playa La Garita. The plan, which has not yet been approved, calls for a 55,000 M2 camp site. The villagers do not like the fact that the proposal is front line to the ocean and spoils the first views of the beach that many people have travelling into the north of the island.

Femés Road Closed This Week

The road from the Papagayo end of Playa Blanca to Femés is closed this week for maintenance work. It should re-open on Friday 31st August.